New Starstruck Kickstarter Halfway Funded Within 24 Hours

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Drone&Clone Productions, Elaine Lee and Michael Kaluta’s creative partnership, is happy to announce that their Kickstarter campaign to finance the next chapter in their critically acclaimed Starstruck Saga, HARRY PALMER: STARSTRUCK. has hit the halfway mark on their very first day. Subtitled Old Proldiers Never Die, this richly detailed volume of sequential art poses the question, “What does a guy do when his pleasure droid goes missing?”

And she’s not just any old pleasure droid, but one who is a dead ringer for Harry’s long-lost love. We follow our tough-guy bartender Harry Palmer—ex-rebel, ex-mercenary “proldier”—as he combs Rec 97, a perilous, planetsized vacation station in search of love. Does he seek a living woman, now a fading memory from his past, or this woman’s simulacrum, the last in a line of alluring Erotica Ann Droids?

Says artist Michael Kaluta, “Visualizing this story takes me out of mundanity. I’m no longer just drawing a comic book story. I’m actually helping to create a world—a future history—and it’s peopled with characters I’ve learned to love and admire.”

On his search, our hero takes on rogue androids and vicious life-dealers, sexy droids and their alien pimps, double agents working for evil twins, and a stunning seductress who just might be the death of him. Sixty pages of the 167 page book are reprinted from the Marvel Epic series, the rest is brand new story and art.
“For some time, people have been asking us when we were going to do new Starstruck stories,” says Lee. “But frankly, the detailed art for this book was just too labor-intensive to make it feasible under the old comics business model. Kickstarter has changed that, by letting us go directly to the consumer.”

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