Niles' City of Dust

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Set in the not too distant future where imagination is discouraged and religion is outlawed, Radical Comics offers a preview of Steve Niles’ City of Dust in the Free Comic Book Day Imaginary #1.  However, when folks open up Imaginary #1, they will see the book under its previous title, Khrome.

“The reason for the change is simple,” explains, Barry Levine, Radical’s President and Publisher. “Shortly after going to press, Steve Niles contacted me and informed me that someone named Marc Patten had developed his own, different project which also went by the name, Khrome. We both agreed in keeping Philip Khrome as the name for the main character, but would change the title to respect Marc’s work.  When Steve came back to me with the new title, City of Dust, I immediately loved it. It fit the theme of the story perfectly.”  

Marc Patten of Destination Entertainment said, "Shortly after I began publicity for my new sci-fi fantasy adventure series entitled, Khrome with art by Marlin Shoop and Mark Sparacio, a fellow creator brought it to my attention that Radical Comics was producing a series with the same name. I contacted creator Steve Niles to see if we could work something out, and he couldn't have been nicer."  Marc went to say, "they agreed to give me back the title Khrome leaving me free and clear to continue using the name I'd created over ten years ago. Radical is producing top quality comics that will put them on the entertainment map. I can't wait to read them."

Steve Niles adds, "I strongly believe in creator rights, as does Radical, and when push came to shove doing the right thing outweighed anything else. As soon as I heard about the other book I phoned Dave and Barry and we all agreed to change the name. There was no hesitation and I knew I was working with good people."

Set for release in September, 2008 and to be listed in the July edition of Diamond Previews, City of Dust is written by Steve Niles with artwork by Zid of Imaginary Friends Studios and published by Radical Comics. The sci-fi series from the dark mind of the creator of 30 Days of Night comes a story set in the aftermath of our world's collapse. Records show the Earth once known was consumed by religious wars spurred by the suppression of free thought and where creative expression is now viewed as the rot and infestation of the mind. This chilling vision of the future unveils a world where the police now patrol for crimes of the imagination, or Mind Crimes as their called. Those beliefs, along with any tales of false heroes, idols or gods, are illegal. The world is anew and so the enemy adapts.  Special detective Philip Khrome doesn't enforce Imagination, instead he works in homicide; that’s where the action is, and he has seen it all before. But criminals evolve and the world is forever changing. When a killing spree hits his department, Khrome finds himself face to face with a perpetrator who has merged reality with superstition. The world everyone is accustomed to is flipped upside down and everything is no longer what it seems.

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