Painkiller Jane #1 Sold Out

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Dynamite Entertainment announced today that the first issue of Painkiller Jane – featuring the reuniting of creators Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada – is now sold out!

“Diamond is tearing through re-orders and our supply is tapped!  Issue #1 is on stands this week, and first thing Wednesday morning Diamond sent us an e-mail that they had sold out of all extras, had orders in back order, and wanted to know how many we had available for re-orders!  We let them know how many we could spare for re-orders, and they took everything we could spare,” explained Dynamite Spokesperson J. Allen. “Jimmy’s story took Jane in to a dark world, where good and evil are not black and white, but mixed with grays.  His first story arc is a dark one, and it is resonating with the fans.  We’re thrilled with the response and hope fans enjoy this first arc, and retailers check their orders for 2 and 3!

Writer and co-creator Jimmy Palmiotti added: “I did around 6 interviews where I predicted the book would sell out right away and it did...now here are next weeks winning lottery numbers…”

“Seriously, I couldn't be happier about the way the book is being received and look forward to positive future with Painkiller Jane at Dynamite."

And Joe Quesada – co-plotter and co-creator stated "This is wonderful news and a glowing testimonial of all the hard work and grass roots marketing Dynamite put behind this and all their titles.  With a sell out, everyone wins.”

PAINKILLER JANE #1 (DEC052931) by Jimmy Palmiotti & Lee Moder and featuring cover art by creators Joe (Daredevil: Father) Quesada & Jimmy (Red Sonja: One More Day and so much more) Palmiotti, plus variants by Amanda (JSA: Classified)Conner (w/Jimmy Palmiotti), Billy (X-23) Tan, and Lee Moder, all shipping in an equal ratio!

And for the discriminating collectors - look for a special 1-in-10 Adam Hughes variant! Check it all out here:
PLUS: PAINKILLER JANE BLOOD RED FOIL COVER (DEC052934) -- This debut issue is also available in a “Blood Red” Foil Cover with a brand new cover art.

Jane Vasko was once an undercover police officer attempting to infiltrate the Fonti Mob. After gaining the trust of mob boss Joey Fonti, she was given the assignment of passing a message onto rival gang member Adam, not realizing that she was planted with an explosive device. As she met her target, the explosion caused significant injuries, but Adam was uninjured. Through mysterious means, he managed to revive Jane, giving her superhuman regenerative powers in the process. Leaving her life as a police officer behind, she became the vigilante Painkiller Jane.

And don’t miss the DF Exclusive Cover (DEC052982), featuring all-new wrap-around cover art by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti with Richard Isanove! Check it out here:

As Diamond fills orders on the last copies they purchased, Dynamite will review back orders, and evaluate when to create a limited edition black and white cover by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti!

Next month, look for: PAINKILLER JANE #2 (JAN062966) features 4 covers, by Joe Quesada with Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner with Palmiotti, Phil Noto, & Lee Moder, in equal ratio. Plots and edits by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti.  Written  Jimmy Palmiotti with art by Lee Moder!

Last issue ended with a bang, but do really believe in a life after death? You would think taking a projectile in the head would be a good way to leave this world and not have to worry about anything anymore right?   Well, in painkiller Jane’s case, you couldn’t be more wrong.  A quick case of death doesn’t get Jane off the hook and she is on the run as just about everyone in New York City is after her. With adrenaline pumping and pistols blaring, Jane takes violent behavior to the next level and delivers her own brand of retribution to anyone willing to step up to the plate.

And coming in May, the stunning conclusion to the opening story arc: PAINKILLER JANE #3 (FEB062963) by Palmiotti, Moder, and covers by Joe Quesada with Jimmy Palmiotti, Will (Red Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom) Conrad and Amanda (JSA" Classified featuring Power Girl) Conner (w/ Palmiotti)!

New York City is starting to feel the pain as the entire police force and the criminal underground are on the hunt for Jane. Meanwhile, the Fitzgerald family is starting to fall apart at the seams and the "Big Apple" is starting to turn rotten as we learn that the corruption goes deeper than anyone would have imagined. As if that wasn't bad enough, Jane is forced to deal with personal issues in her life and everyone around her pays for it. Featuring cover art by Will Conrad, Amanda Conner (w/ Jimmy Palmiotti), Joe Quesada, and Lee Moder’s all shipping in equal ratio. A total of 22 pages of story and art.

DON’T MISS: PAINKILLER JANE #3 ALTERNATE COVER INCENTIVE (FEB062964) -- For every 10 copies of Painkiller Jane #3 ordered, retailers may order 1 alternate cover by Joe Quesada! Fans, ask your retailer how to add one to your collection!

DON’T MISS: PAINKILLER JANE #3 MODER ALTERNATE COVER INCENTIVE (FEB062965) -- For every 20 copies of Painkiller Jane #3 ordered, retailers may order 1 alternate cover by Lee Moder! Fans, ask your retailer how to add one to your collection!

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