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Earlier this month, Dynamite Entertainment announced their latest line-up addition for the growing line of cool comics -- Painkiller Jane. Now, the company has released images and ordering information for this brand-new series. Let the hype begin!

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PAINKILLER JANE #1 (DEC052931) by Jimmy Palmiotti & Lee Moder and featuring cover art by creators Joe (Daredevil: Father) Quesada & Jimmy (Red Sonja: One More Day and so much more) Palmiotti, plus variants by Amanda (JSA: Classified)Conner (w/Jimmy Palmiotti), Billy (X-23) Tan, and Lee Moder, all shipping in an equal ratio!

And for the discriminating collectors - look for a special 1-in-10 Adam Hughes variant! Check it all out here: http://www.dynamiteentertainment.com/htmlfiles/p-C104323.html

PLUS: PAINKILLER JANE BLOOD RED FOIL COVER (DEC052934) -- This debut issue is also available in a “Blood Red” Foil Cover with a brand new cover art.


Jane Vasko was once an undercover police officer attempting to infiltrate the Fonti Mob. After gaining the trust of mob boss Joey Fonti, she was given the assignment of passing a message onto rival gang member Adam, not realizing that she was planted with an explosive device. As she met her target, the explosion caused significant injuries, but Adam was uninjured. Through mysterious means, he managed to revive Jane, giving her superhuman regenerative powers in the process. Leaving her life as a police officer behind, she became the vigilante Painkiller Jane.

Future covers by Will (Serenity/Red Sonja Vs. Thulsa Doom) Conrad, Phil (Danger Girl) Terry (Spider-Man: Black Cat) Dodson and more!

And don’t miss the DF Exclusive Cover (DEC052982), featuring all-new wrap-around cover art by Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti with Richard Isanove! Check it out here:


Retailers are already excited and on board for the return of this classic character!

“Right now is the best time to be a comic book fan, and Dynamite’s new Painkiller Jane series is the reason why.  Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada; two boys from the mean streets of New York reunite with the property they created when they were still having fun in the comics field.  And if Lee Moder's art is half as hot as his Wonder Woman work, this book'll be smoking!”

-- Patrick Brower, General Manager, Graham Crackers Comics (www.grahamcrackers.com)

"Well, it looks like Christmas is lasting till February (and beyond!)  I'm really looking forward to Joe and Jimmy's Painkiller Jane. It's going to be great to see those two working together again. The new series will be just the ticket to capitalize on the TV pilot by pushing my customers to advnance order.   I just hope the TV producers do the property justice. Even if the movie is not what I expect, I know Quesada/Palmiotti and Dynamite will put out a quality product!  I’ll ordering many for the shelves as I feel this will be a solid selling book!"

-- Shelton Drum

Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find (www.heroesonline.com) and the man who runs the best damn show in the south - Heroes Con in Charlotte NC from June 30th to July 2nd! (www.heroesonline.com)

 "Painkiller Jane is a comic that both my customers (and myself) enjoyed the first time around. Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti have grown as creators since then, so I am really looking forward to seeing where they take her.  From what I understand, Joe is working with Jimmy to oversee the stories, doing the covers, and Jimmy handling the scripting (and BTW - Jimmy has proven how well he can execute stories, which instills more confidence in my supporting the series).  Add that to the fact that Lee Moder is doing the interior are (Lee, where have you been?). It's great to have him on the comic.  His style is perfect.  I'm looking forward to this.
And I have to say, I'm really happy with Dynamite's quality.  While they have been late (just got Red Sonja #3, but it flew!), their quality is great.  I expect no less here.
On a final note, while I know that there's some critism on alternate covers, but I'm happy that Dynamite Entertainment adds in alternate covers, it helps the fans choose their favorite artist, while still getting the same quality books.
Now if only they would listen to me and create a contest to give away the original art to the Adam Hughes retailer incentive cover, that would be the icing on the cake!"

Loop proprieter of Stormwatch Comics (and all around nice guy)- Berlin NJ

Look for it all to begin in February (and look for Painkiller’s TV debut on 12.10.05 on SCIFI www.scifi.com/painkillerjane/index.html)

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