Pak to Write Planet Hulk

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“Planet Hulk,” the biggest Hulk event in the Jade Giant’s history, is set to begin in Incredible Hulk #92 and Greg Pak, writer of the acclaimed Phoenix: Endsong and member of Marvel’s Ten Terrific, is taking the Hulk there.  Along with artist Carlo Pagulayan, Pak is set to bring the Hulk on the most incredible ride of his life leading up to the milestone issue Incredible Hulk #100.  

“Most of the great Marvel characters are misfits—that's the classic Marvel twist which makes these heroes so compellingly human,” says Ten Terrific writer Greg Pak. “But the Hulk may be the greatest misfit of all—he has the heart of a hero, but in the eyes of puny humans, his incredible anger and power make him the planet's most terrifying monster.”

“Planet Hulk” will find the Hulk completely out of his element, stranded on a distant world with inhabitants just as powerful as he is.  So is it possible for the Hulk to survive this harsh planet? And possibly even thrive there?

"Planet Hulk’ thrusts the Hulk into a savage world in which a corrupt empire uses the spectacle of bloody gladiatorial combat to distract its citizens, discipline its slaves, and dispose of its enemies,” says Pak.  “In a world in which might makes right and he who wins in the arena has the chance to influence thousands, what path will the Hulk take?  Will the monster become a hero?  Or will he become the worst tyrant the universe has ever seen?”

”I'm hugely excited about the story,” reveals Pak.  “It combines a fun science fiction premise with a great character arc.  And we've got monsters and robots, swords and spaceships, a corrupt emperor and a fierce woman warrior, bug people, Shadow Walkers, and the Hulk at his angriest and most vulnerable and most lethal on the precipice of huge decisions and new directions.  And to top it off, Carlo Pagulayan is penciling.  He's a superstar in the making and his Hulk is going to blow people's minds.”

A whole new world means a whole new supporting cast for the Hulk, including new enemies, new powerful alien races, and possibly even a new love interest.   

“I think this story is going to become one of the most definitive Hulk arcs in years,” says editor Mark Paniccia.  “We’re looking into the heart of the monster side of Bruce Banner. What will we find? You’re going to be shocked…and moved. And we promise there’s going to be lots of action in this series. It’s going to make your head spin!”

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Pak and Pagulayan are sure to bring new meaning to the the words Hulk Smash as Planet Hulk sees Bruce Banner’s alter ego fighting to survive on a hostile alien world.  But just how will this effect the Hulk for years to come?  Find out in Incredible Hulk #92 as the epic “Planet Hulk” begins.

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