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CHRONO MECHANICS, the popular action adventure humor book from legendary industry veteran Art Thibert, hits shelves later this fall with an all new story and a colorful new look.

With its fun, unique art style and a quirky, heartfelt story, Art Thibert and Richard Birdsall’s CHRONO MECHANICS has been a topic of much discussion as rumors have run rampant about the title’s potential to be the next big animated film or cartoon series.

But in the background, Thibert and Birdsall have continued working on the next CHRONO MECHANICS graphic novel, titled CHRONO MECHANICS: SILVER, which will be published this fall through ALIAS Comics as partof its growing line of all-ages books.

“We’re excited, of course, to be a part of what ALIAS is doing. They have an incredibly impressive and diverse library of titles, and really seem to know how to market cartoon styled books” said Art Thibert, the creator of the book and two-time Wizard Award-winning artist who has penciled and inked a wide variety of well-known titles like ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, ULTIMATE X-MEN, CABLE and ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN. “Our goal with this book is to help it to find the widest audience possible, and we believe ALIAS can help the readership of CHRONO MECHANICS continue to expand.”

“We are also publishing the SILVER story in color,” added Thibert, “which will add a new dimension to the artwork and help readers enjoy the story even more!”

The book’s story is certainly something that can appeal to anyone – readers can follow the CHRONO MECHANICS as the team of repairmen are dispatched to fix the problems that occur when the machine that is Time breaks down. In the new story, the Mechanics are forced to cut short their much-needed vacations to repair a problem of incredible proportions. As they track down a faulty Reality Filter Prism that has the potential to alter every time line in existence, things go from bad to worse as reality begins to resemble an abstract painting. But the real surprise comes as they discover what – or who – has caused the crisis!

“The best thing about CHRONO MECHANICS: SILVER is that it’s a complete story in a single book,” said Mike S. Miller, President of ALIAS Comics. “This isn’t a 22-page monthly series; it’s more like a series of novels that fit together as a whole, but don’t need to be read in any particular order. Anyone who missed the original CHRONO MECHANICS should pick it up, of course, but it’s not necessary to have read it to enjoy the new book. We are also in talks right now about reprinting the first CHRONO MECHANICS through Alias, and in color as well.”

CHRONO MECHANICS: SILVER will be published through ALIAS Comics and available through Diamond Distributors, INC in the ALIAS section of PREVIEWS. The 52 page book should hit shelves by mid-November.

For more information about CHRONO MECHANICS (as well as a 12-page preview!), please visit http://hackshackstudios.com.

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