Preview: Within Temptation's The Unforgiving

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The first edition of “The Unforgiving” comic tied to the storyline of Within Temptation's concept album (release March 25th) will be launched and the characters of this story will finally come to life!

Within Temptation already established an impressive international track record with 2.8 million CD & DVD sales, releases in 48 countries, 500,000 worldwide touring audience, 30 Gold & Platinum records and numerous other awards. Now they can even add a comic to this extended list.

Comic artist Romano Molenaar (Witchblade / Darkness / X-Men) and movie/scriptwriter Steven O’Connell (BloodRayne / Dark 48) have been working with Within Temptation to create an exclusive miniseries. The first edition ‘Perdition + Penance: part 1’ comes with a prequel which introduces the storyline. The whole comic series consists out of 6 issues which will be published every 2 months throughout 2011. The comic will be available online as well as a hard copy, sold through the Within Temptation web shop and distributed worldwide through established partners.




The Characters from “The Unforgiving” even hit the movie screen in 3 short films as extended version of the band’s video clips and give further insight into the concept.

A powerful medium, Mother Maiden recruits lost souls to be part of her wraith taskforce to fight evil in all its forms. What better way to hunt serial killers than to use killers. Their servants are culled from genuinely remorseful souls; ones who may not have been cold-blooded killers, but those who did in turn take a life and are deeply sorry for their sins. Guilt can be a powerful motivator…and redemption, even greater. They each carry a specific guilt about something they did in their lives. Mother Maiden offers them an opportunity to “make right what is wrong” by giving them missions and assignments to hunt down evil as a penance for their previous sins.


Her real name is lost to time. She is now known simply as Mother Maiden. She has been called many things in her long life: seer, patriot, guardian, mother, catalyst. She has lived to see the birth of this fine nation. Lived through the terms of several enlightened presidents. Cried and prayed during numerous bloody wars. Buried handfuls of lovers, husbands, and even children.  Although it may seem Mother Maiden is immortal, she is not. When her own sins are vanquished she in turn will leave this earth.

A former drug abuser and murderer of her father, Sinéad Harkin is the current leader of the taskforce answering only to Mother Maiden. She has a daughter, Susan (Susie) who was only two years old when Sinéad took her Grandfather away from her. Now she’s a grown woman living in London. Sinéad longs to right the wrongs and would love to have a relationship with Susan but she knows too well it will have to be in the afterlife. Sinéad’s redemption is stalking evil and destroying it as she attempts to regain her soul.

Daniel Faulkner is a troubled soul. Mentally and physically abused by his own father, Danny’s fractured psyche has added two new personalities: William and Trevor.
When Mother Maiden calls Daniel from the hereafter, his splintered mind manifests itself into two individual physical forms. William (Bishop), Daniel (Knight), and Trevor (Rook) are The Triplets.
Stay far away from this triumvirate of terror.


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