Queen Sonja's First Finale Is Upon Us

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Queen Sonja #5, the Earth-shattering conclusion to the first story arc of Queen Sonja, is now available for order through Diamond Previews. Written by Joshua Ortega and illustrated by longtime "Red Sonja" artist Mel Rubi, this is one conclusion fans won't want to miss.

With Issue #1 almost sold out and Issue #2 sold out from Dynamite, "Queen Sonja" is the newest hit comic in the Dynamite family of titles. Jumping from the pages of the critically acclaimed "Red Sonja", this newest addition to Red Sonja lore tracks Sonja's path to become Queen of Sogaria, serving as a protector for her subjects and leading an army to battle the conquering army of Emoria. Issue #5 puts the next piece of the puzzle of Sonja's ascent to power in the reader's hands. The closing of the opening arc also paves the way for new stories, starting with issue #6 by Arvid (Kull) Nelson!

As a special incentive to retailers, for every 20 copies of Queen Sonja #5 ordered, retailers will receive a BLACK & WHITE MEL RUBI INCENTIVE COVER at net cost!

The critics agree - "Queen Sonja" is a hit!

"Dynamite's take on the character continues to be filled with action and slick production values. Long-time fans should love it, and sword-&-sorcery devotees that have never had the occasion should check it out." - Troy Brownfield, Newsarama.com

"Joshua Ortega takes on a new chapter in the saga of Red Sonja, and it is one that diverts from the path of old. The image of the tortured female warrior traveling the plains, unable to submit to love and constantly proving herself the equal of any man has been replaced with one of her protecting not only herself, but a whole country." - Stacy Baugher, MajorSpoilers.com

"Red Sonja has been revisited a couple of times with Dynamite and every time it meant more depth and story to be added to the character, whether she was meeting her Goddess, canoeing her way through the afterlife, or being reincarnated and getting her warrior-streak back! The Red Sonja ride was never dull." - Richard Boom, BrokenFrontier.com





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