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The second issue of REVISIONARY, the neo-noir paranormal thriller from Moonstone Books by writer Paul D. Storrie and artist Eric J, is in this month's PREVIEWS catalogue (order code SEP05 3023), along with a reoffering of issue one (order code SEP05 0324).  Be sure to get your orders in while there's still time.


Well, if this five-page preview isn't enough to convince you, here's what a few of the coolest scribes in comics had to say about REVISIONARY #1:

Very compelling.  A story about a guy coming to terms with an unusual situation, rather than just a story about the unusual situations.  I always prefer it when the character is primary and the events are secondary.  All in all, it makes me want to turn the page, as intended.

Paul Jenkins (Revelations, Spider-Man, Wolverine: Origin)

It's a thriller, a crime story, a supernatural suspense story, all wrapped up in a package with sharp dialogue, moving along at a breakneck pace.  If the last page doesn't make you want the next issue NOW, then check your pulse and call 911, because you've got problems.

Jeff Mariotte (Angel, Desperadoes, CSI)

Briskly paced and packed with equal parts dread and humor. Paul Storrie and Eric J ring every chime in this story of a psychic fraud who is unexpectedly cursed with real abilities. The twists and turns will have you turning pages in search of the next surprise. Do not pass this one by.

Chuck Dixon (Nightwing: Year One, The Iron Ghost, Wyatt Earp)

What can I say? The story grabbed my interest and didn't let go.  Can't wait to see where the story leads.

Will Pfeifer (Catwoman, Blood of the Demon, HERO)

Ya had me flippin' through the pages as fast as I could to find out what was gonna happen next. Dialogue is good and the pacing is really nice. It's got me hooked. A real cross between an X-Files and Twilight Zone feeling. As good if not better than anything going on at Vertigo/DC.

Beau Smith (Wynonna Earp, Batman vs. Wildcat, Parts Unknown)

These two issues give you the complete first story of Randall Gordon, a TV psychic who was perfectly happy conning people out of their hard-earned cash until he was given a 'gift' he never wanted -- actual precognition.  Now he's plagued by visions of tragedies he must prevent and haunted by nightmares of the ones he doesn't.  Only this time around, if he can't stay one step ahead of the killers coming after the woman he 'saw' getting murdered in the Nevada desert, she might not die alone!

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