Runemaster Reaches Union Deal

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Union Entertainment, a company best known for feature films such as “GODSEND” and video games such as “THE DARKNESS,” has set its sights on Runemaster Studios and their properties “LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS” AND “ THE GIMOLES,” with the intent of bringing both properties to movie theaters and game consoles in the near future. 

“It is rare to find properties which are as directly translatable to film and video games as ‘LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS’ and ‘THE GIMOLES,’” said Union President, Sean O’Keefe. “Not only are both comics conceptually compelling, but Mike Bullock’s sophistication as a storyteller has provided bedrock themes and story architectures in both properties that we can easily build on for film. As far as developing video games, both comics offer rich universes to explore as well as imaginative characters from which we can invent exciting new modes of gameplay.”

While most production companies are only involved in either the film or game side of property development, Union Entertainment is one of the first of a new breed of entertainment companies to jointly cultivate both hand-in-hand. All too often a video game will arrive based on a movie or vice versa and the secondary product will be inferior to the first. By producing games and films in a rather sibling-like fashion, Union Entertainment can ensure that each is true to the source material while complimenting one another in a fashion that most joint game/film ventures fail to achieve.

“With Union Entertainment, not only do we feel our vision will remain untainted, we’re also assured that by developing the games and movies simultaneously, both will grow into strong products,” stated Mike Bullock, author of “LIONS, TIGERS AND BEARS” and “THE GIMOLES.” “We’ve had quite a few offers of this and that ever since our books first debuted. Why did we choose Union over the others? Simply put, Union Entertainment provides a synergistic combination of vision, expertise and unbridled passion for our properties. What more could we ask for?”

Union Entertainment is currently assembling production teams for both properties; expect more announcements in the coming months. 


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