She's Da Bomb

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Fresh off of the critically acclaimed Avigon: gods and demons, innovative creator Jimmie Robinson embarks on his latest masterpiece: Bomb Queen!

“Bomb Queen is out to shake things up,” Robinson says.  “She takes no prisoners and plays for keeps.” 

Bomb Queen shows Robinson returning to the dystopian science fiction that put him on the map.  Bomb Queen is the dictator of New Port City.  An unrepentant super-villain, who killed all the local heroes, re-wrote the laws in her favor, and set herself up as dictator for life. And the citizens of New Port City couldn’t approve more highly.

Robinson explains, “Bomb Queen is not about a reluctant, crybaby villain.  Bomb Queen is about a perfect villain and the society that allows her to kill everyone that stands against her, and rule everyone that stands with her.” 

Like the great science fiction worlds of Blade Runner, Terminator, and The Matrix, Robinson’s Bomb Queen doubles as a commentary on our own times.  Robinson says, “This book is definitely social commentary that’s filled with mordant wit.  I’m aiming at a mature audience who comes in looking for a killer roller-coaster jolt of a story, but who comes back because every issue reveals another layer of subtext that makes the whole series even more explosive.”

Shadowline founder Jim Valentino was thrilled to invite Robinson back into the fold.  “Jimmie is a tremendous talent whose art is top-notch and whose storytelling has always been edgy,” Valentino says.  “Bomb Queen does all that and then some.  It’s sexy, violent and filled with over-the-top imagery and subversive intent.  It’s fun with a capital F-U…uh, well, you get it.”

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Bomb Queen is a four-issue full color series premiering in the December Previews for a February, 2006 release. Written and illustrated by Jimmie Robinson, colored by Angel Marin and edited by Kristen Simon.  Published by Image Comics through the Shadowline imprint, it will carry a Mature Readers advisory and retail for $3.50

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