ShiftyLook Announces New Animation and Webcomics Projects At San Diego Comic-Con 2012

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NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (TYO: 7832), announced during the ShiftyLook Panel at San Diego Comic-Con this week three new webcomics titles and its first two web animation series. Announcements coincide with the re-launch of the ShiftyLook website and new retro-inspired logo. New titles will join nearly a dozen webcomics already available through ShiftyLook, including Bravoman, Dig Dug and Wonder Momo. All ShiftyLook content can be accessed online, free of charge at shiftylook.com.

“We have been extremely pleased with the rapid growth of ShiftyLook,” said Rob Pereyda, Producer & Editor-in-Chief of ShiftyLook. “As such, it was time to take the next step in our progression and move to creating original animation. Just like with our webcomics, the talent we have lined up for web animation is incredible and we know the fans will love it.”

Web Animation:
Bravoman: Cartoon of Unequalled Excellence (Working Title)
Director: Jim Zub
Writers: Jim Zub & Matt Moylan
Starring: Rob Paulsen
Release Date: 2013
Description: ShiftyLook's #1 webcomic makes the leap to animation in this action-packed adventure! See your favorites characters including Bravoman, Alpha, Anti-Bravo and Waya now in animated form. Starring world famous voice actor Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs).

Mappy: The Beat (Working Title)
Director: Scott Kurtz
Writers: Scott Kurtz & Kris Straub
Starring: Scott Kurtz & Kris Straub
Release Date: Late 2012
Description: Mappy is a cop on the beat, keeping tabs on deadbeat video game characters. It's primetime crime drama meets late night cartoon in the style of Kris & Scott’s wildly popular Blamimations. Can Mappy keep the peace on the streets, or will the wacky cast of washed-up video game characters get the better of him? Featuring art by Mary Cagle (Kiwi Blitz) and voiced by Scott Kurtz (PvP Online) & Kris Straub (chainsawsuit).

Dragon Spirit
Writer: Erik Ko & Jim Zub
Aritst: Steven Cummings
Release Date: September 2012 Description: The 80's vertical-scrolling arcade classic is back in this comedic sword & sorcery adventure.

Golly! Ghost!
Writer & Aritst: Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos
Release Date: July 2012
Description: The 1990 cult classic arcade shooter gets revived in all-ages webcomic form by Chris “Elio” Eliopoulos.

Writer: Jim Zub
Aritst: Hitoshi Ariga
Release Date: August 2012
Description: Klonoa, lead character from the classic platformer, makes his return as a webcomic by writer Jim Zub with world famous mangaka Hitoshi Ariga.

ShiftyLook is available worldwide in English at http://shiftylook.com. ShiftyLook supercharges retro NAMCO BANDAI franchises and brings them back through webcomics, animation and more. Part of NAMCO BANDAI Games, ShiftyLook is based out of the head office in Tokyo, Japan. For additional updates and exclusive information, interact with ShiftyLook through Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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