Silent Relaunch

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THE SILENCERS, created by writer Fred Van Lente (Amazing Fantasy)and Steve Ellis (Iron Man) was originally introduced by Moonstone in a critically-acclaimed, best-selling miniseries last year. The first two issues immediately sold out and the reviews dubbed it "SOPRANOS with Superpowers."

Set to launch with an all-new #1 from Image Comics in July, the creators are excited to get their bookback out to the public.

"Erik Larsen took over the reins of Image at about the time our first run on the book ended," Ellis says."He was incredibly supportive from the get-go, and it just seemed like a perfect fit: Fred and I arereally proud to join the ranks of great creator-owned hero series at Image!"

THE SILENCERS is not technically a "hero" book though, the first series introduced readers to ateam of super-powered mob enforcers who had to become independent operators when theProvenzano Family they worked for got wiped out by a rival, The Syndicate. Half the Silencersgot wiped-out too -- but the survivors rallied around their legendary leader, Cardinal, whospent the rest of the arc exacting some serious payback on The Syndicate.

"As the new Image #1 opens, The Silencers discover they're victims of their own success," explainsVan Lente. "They've lain low for a year with their loot, but their annihilation of the Syndicate left avacuum of mob power in New York. Every two-bit super-hood in the country has moved to the cityand is gunning for instant street cred -- how are they going to do it? By knocking off the current topdogs on the crime scene, and that would be The Silencers.

"Ultimately, Cardinal decides that, for their own safety, they're going to have to take over the NewYork mobs themselves."

"Though we have no doubt returning Silencers fans will enjoy the new series, the new #1 is a perfectjumping-on point for new readers!" Ellis says. "And in many ways, Fred and I are just getting better aswe go along -- there's no work I'm prouder of than what's going into this book."

Rave reviews have been the norm for THE SILENCERS. Wizard Magazine raves "THE SILENCERSdelivers from start to finish! With a perfect blend of superheroes and organized crime, you'll definietlydig this series...capiche?" Comics Buyers Guide exclaims "Forget THE SOPRANOS, give me THESILENCERS! An excellent blend of action and character development ... Filled with characters I can'tlearn more about. It's time to cheer for the bad guys!"

THE SILENCERS #1 (MAY051538) is set to debut on July 20th from Image Comics.

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