Speakeasy Solicitations - June '05

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Speakeasy Comics announced their line-up for June, 2005. Each of the following titles is currently available for PRE-ORDER from your local specialty retailer, as seen in the pages of Diamond Previews (Volume XV, #4, April cover date):

Click to enlargeATOMIKA #4
Russia's western steppes were once a paradise, home to lush farms, thriving villages, and bands of gypsies who had been traveling since the dawn of time. But that was long ago. Paradise has been re-made a wasteland, one ruled over by the ancient swamp god Pripet-the deity Atomika has come to kill. 

Featuring a regular cover by fan favorite artist Michael Turner (Fathom, Soulfire, Superman/Batman), and a variant cover by series inker Buzz (JSA, Vampirella), along with the continuing creative team of writer Andrew Dabb, artists Sal Abbinanti and Buzz, along with color artists Christina Strain and Beth Sotelo!

Look for ATOMIKA #4 in June (DCD ITEM #APR053082) at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

Click to enlargeWARGOD ONE SHOT
As Curt Corey accepts his obligation to protect an ancient Egyptian artifact, he inadvertently begins an epic adventure that will decide his destiny and the fate of the planet. Wargod, the avenging son of Osiris, is resurrected and sent to Earth to continue his age-old conflict with the nefarious god Sutekh and protect all of mankind from his impending evil. Wargod is our last hope...can he stop Sutekh and his army of soulless minions?

Created and written by George T. Singley (Mutation, Shocking Gun Tales, Headcase) with artwork by Freddie E. Williams II (Shocking Gun Tales, Chance of a Lifetime, Project EON), Wargod is an epic tale of betrayal, powerlust, and ultimately abolition.

Look for the 48-page WARGOD ONE-SHOT in June (DCD ITEM #APR053086), offered at a suggested retail price of $4.99; For art and more information please visit:

Click to enlargeTHE HUNGER #2
Charlie gets more than he bargained for out of his Mardi Gras in the Big Easy when a Caribbean gangster kidnaps, murders and resurrects him to life as a zombie. Now, Charlie must find his way home in a world where the mystical is not only real, but a dark threat to his day-to-day unlife.

The chase is on but one question remains: How far will Charlie get before The Hunger consumes him or he consumes all those around him? Look for the answers in June from creators Jose Torres and Chris DiBari.

Look for THE HUNGER #2 in June (DCD ITEM # APR053085) at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

Click to enlargeTHE GRIMOIRE #4
Tracked by people who want to seize the Grimoire for themselves and higher powers, Amandine finally reaches New York. She meets Beowulf, a handsome and nearly immortal warrior who helps her get to Faery - the only place she'll find answers to her many questions. Revelations and reunions await for better and for worse!

The magical and mystical journey of The Grimoire continues from Speakeasy Comics. Join writer Sebastien Caisse and artist Djief (of the Grafiksismik art collective), as they create new heroes, new villains, and new worlds!

Look for THE GRIMOIRE #4 in June (DCD ITEM #APR053084) at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

Click to enlargeBEOWULF #3
The future of the Earth is up for grabs, but the past still has its cold and clammy hold on the man known as Beowulf. When the legendary monster-slayer finds his greatest demonic adversary stalking the Manhattan subway system, the timeless hero knows two things; he has to battle again the creature that nearly killed him the first time--and he has to figure out who has the power and the will to resurrect this monstrous enemy after all these centuries.

The return of history's greatest warrior continues by writer Brian Augustyn and artist Dub!

Look for the BEOWULF #3 in June (DCD ITEM #APR053083) at a suggested retail price of $2.99; For art and more information please visit:

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