Texeria Opens Commission List for NYCC

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With the NYCC just a few days away, it's just been announced that artist Mark Texeira will be taking advance orders for a limited number of convention commissions!!

"Considering how crazy the NYCC can be, we wanted to give people the opportunity to sign up for their sketches in advance and beat the crowd," said Tex's agent Renee Witterstaetter. "I will only be taking a limited number of NYCC sketch commissions in advance."

Known for his stunning interiors on "Ghost Rider" and "Moon Knight," Texeira has always been a fan fave at shows and on the book stands, and his convention commissions are thus wildly popular. Tex will also be taking on a very limited number of painting commissions as well. Remember those Vampirella oil pieces! Wow.

Anyone interested in either an NYCC sketch or a bigger painting commission, should contact Renee at: evaink@aol.com

In addition, Eva Ink has relayed that artist Michael Golden's sketch list is now officially closed, and that he won't be accepting anymore "in-studio" commissions--thus being only available for a limited number of pieces while at shows. "Having reached the capacity that he wanted, Michael is capping the list for at least six months," commented Witterstaetter. Everyone on the sketchlist currently, or who has negotiated a piece already is locked in, however, now, the only way to get a sketch is to see Golden at a show until the list reopens.

"Michael's commissions are architecturally beautiful," said Witterstaetter. " And it's always interesting that many of the people in Michael's current order list, are other artists in the business! It's been very rewarding being able to provide a way for appreciators of Michael's work to obtain pieces from Golden for this limited time, " she added. "Depending on when current orders are fulfilled, he may reopen the commission list later this year."

And, don't forget, if you just want to see more from these guys, Michael is currently doing the frontage for Digital Webbing's new mini-series "Demon's Regret," and "Excess: The Art of Michael Golden"-- although sold out--is going into a second printing via Vanguard Productions. They will also be releasing "Tex: The Art of Mark Texeria--The Artist's Great Escape," later this year.

And what about the NYCC? Well sure! You can find Mark "Tex" Texeira and the Eva Ink Staff in the artist's alley area in Section B, Tables13/14, where you will find an abundance of books, prints, and original art by both Tex and Golden. Come on by!

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