Through Wolf's Eyes

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As the Dabel Brothers complete their first wave of self-published fantasy comics and prepare for their second set later this year, they have one goal in mind:

To reach out to a wider audience than ever before.

And Jane Lindskold, the latest of the dozens of authors the Dabel Brothers have licensed, brings an extremely diverse readership to the table with her FIREKEEPER saga, which begins with the novel THROUGH WOLF'S EYES.

“Jane Lindskold is among the best of the latest generation of fantasy writers,” explained Ernst Dabel, President of Dabel Brothers Production. “We’re thrilled to be bringing her novels into the comic book medium, and we’re certain they will develop into yet another successful series of fantasy graphic novels once we get the books going.”

The FIREKEEPER series is innovative in its story setup: it is, essentially, about a girl who was raised by intelligent wolves before being recovered by society and placed within a royal court. As the young wolf-woman Firekeeper struggles to fit in within the world of the "two legs" while holding on to her wolfish ways, she learns to put her upbringing to use to gain a unique understanding of human society that is tempered with the opinions of her wolf brother, Blind Seer.

"One of the magical things about this title is that it has a strong sense of characters," explained Dabel. "Jane Lindskold does an excellent job of creating a rich and interesting world where people change and grow as the story moves forward. The wolves, in particular, steal the show with their interesting perspectives and positions. And the story itself is well suited to the comic book medium -- every issue will be loaded with fun twists and turns that keep things interesting."

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Though the book is still in a state of pre-production and an artist has not yet been named, the Dabel Brothers have disclosed that Sean J. Jordan, who has handled many of the DB Pro adaptations to date, will be writing the scripts and directing the project.

"Sean has been with us since THE HEDGE KNIGHT, and he's been instrumental in helping us develop our storytelling style," said Dabel, who also added that some conceptual art, drawn by Brett Booth, has already been completed.

"Overall, we're excited about adding yet another great fantasy series and author to our stable," said Dabel with a smile. "We receive email and phone calls every day from fans asking us how we manage to self-publish so many books at such a high quality. Many of them, I think, are simply concerned that we don't expand too quickly too soon like so many others have before us. All I can say in response is that we've got a close eye on quality and a drive to stay open for business long into the future. So far, we're doing great on both counts."

For more information about FIREKEEPER: THROUGH WOLF'S EYES and other Dabel Brothers Products, please visit http://www.dabelbrothers.com.

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