Thunder and Lightning

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Comics' greatest father-and-son superhero team, CAPTAIN THUNDER AND BLUE BOLT, are scheduled to return in April 2007 in the pages of Heroic Publishing's Champions #38. Co-creator ROY THOMAS has teamed up with Anthem artist BENITO GALLEGO for the first all-new Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt adventure in more than a decade!

CAPTAIN THUNDER AND BLUE BOLT, created by Roy and Dann Thomas, was one of Heroic Publishing's first comic book titles. Through ten full-color issues published in the mid-1980s, featuring artwork by such notable artists as Dell Barras and E. R. Cruz, CT&BB followed the adventures of Mike Fremont and his son Paul as they traveled the world on a quest to find evidence that would clear Captain Thunder's name, and bring to justice the self-styled "Merchants of Menace" who had framed him for a crime he'd never committed. Two more issues of CAPTAIN THUNDER AND BLUE BOLT were published in black and white in the early 1990s, but the storyline has never been completed.

Now, at last, it will be.

The new 12-page CAPTAIN THUNDER AND BLUE BOLT adventure that will appear in Champions #38 follows up on a plot thread left hanging back in the tenth issue of the original series. In this story, Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt team up with Ilyan King of KING'S GAMBIT, on a mission to rescue Ilyan's missing QUEEN, Sonja Ernesaks, from the custody of a renegade branch of the U. S. government.

In subsequent issues of Champions, the adventures of Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt will continue with color versions of the tales that originally appeared in black and white in the early 1990s. Then, in early 2008, either in the first new issue of their own magazine, or in a special super-sized 52-page issue of Champions, it will all come to a head when Roy and Benito team up once more for the epic book-length 44-page conclusion to the Merchants of Menace storyline!

As the new year approaches, the return of CAPTAIN THUNDER AND BLUE BOLT is something to looking forward to. Champions #38 is scheduled to go on sale on April 25, 2007, with 28 pages of full-color adventure at a cover price of only $2.99

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