Ultimate FF #21 Covered Twice

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Marvel Comics is offering two covers of Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 to kick off the beginning of fan-favorites Mark Millar and Greg Land’s run on the title. 

Millar promises jaw-dropping stories and art that will “inject the Fantastic into the Fantastic Four and make everything else look withered and impotent” starting with their very first issue on sale July 13th.   

The first story arc of Millar and Land’s run, entitled Crossover, has the Ultimate Fantastic Four making contact with a very familiar universe.  “Our first issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four kicks off the storyline everyone was begging us not to do,” says Mark Millar.  “People have been weeping at the notion of a dimensional crossover storyline since the Ultimate books first appeared.  Well, sometimes it's fun to do the things readers least expect and the Crossover storyline is just insane.”

The Crossover story arc will be epic, as according to Millar, “It's got Magneto, it's got Hulk, and it's got a fight at the dawn of time as the first mammal to crawl from the ocean is taken hostage.” 

To commemorate the new team, Ultimate Fantastic Four #21 will be available with two covers: a group shot and the shocking Reed-meets-Reed cover.

Mark Millar is thrilled at the work of Greg Land as he believes Land has “shed the skin of the old, rather magnificent Greg Land and is now officially so hot that you have to wear protective gloves just to turn the pages. He's absolutely at the top of his game here and this, I think, is going to be the project that makes him a superstar.”

The new creative team’s second story arc, entitled the Tomb of Namor will have the First Family of the Ultimate Universe traveling to Atlantis, but don’t expect the familiar. “This isn't Atlantis as you've seen it before and it isn't Namor as you've ever seen him,” Millar says.  “This is something quite, quite different with some stunning visuals like pyramids at the bottom of the ocean, underwater catacombs and the recently-discovered Namor sarcophagus.”

As for what comes after, Millar knows, but he’s not talking.  He hints that the Ultimates play a role, especially the enigmatic Ultimate Thor.  Fasten your seat-belts, the Fantasti-Car is in for a wild ride!

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