War on Flesh

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TOKYOPOP, America's number one graphic novel publisher and leader of the Manga Revolution, calls for fans to bring out their dead this fall with War on Flesh!

Comic industry blue bloods, writers Justin Boring (alumnus of the legendary Kubert School) and Greg Hildebrandt (the son and nephew of the illustrious Brothers Hildebrandt) join artist Tim Smith 3 (Marvel, DC, Archie, Devil's Due) to spin a tale most grim. Chock-full of voodoo, murky spirituality and bloody sacrifices War on Flesh is an epic of titanic malevolence versus selfless heroism.

In the deepest bayous of Louisiana, an ancient voodoo curse releases the War on Flesh--a hellish plague of voracious Ew Chott hornets that reanimates the dead. This undead army spreads the plague by ripping the heart out of living creatures in order to make room for a Black Heart Hive. Collected souls bestow energy upon the villain who unleashed the curse, giving him unlimited power. A disparate group of five salty mavericks must set aside their differences and form an uneasy alliance destined to destroy the onslaught of massing evil.

TOKYOPOP series senior editor Aaron Suhr remarked, "This isn't your typical, formulaic zombie fare. It's got creepy voodoo magic and mystery, and crazy, fast-paced action. These undead minions aren't dragging their feet in search of a brainy snack, they're angry undead warriors out for blood! And Tim's art style is perfectly suited for such a dark and gritty tale. War On Flesh is some good eatin'--I mean reading."

The first volume of War on Flesh will be available in bookstores everywhere in September 2005.

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