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In early 2006, Lions Tigers and Bears returns to Image Comics for a second volume. To celebrate the occasion, Mike Wieringo will provide a special variant cover for issue #1, Runemaster Studios' head Mike Bullock announced.

Still, a variant cover wasn't originally in the cards, as Bullock explained in an email to the Runemaster community:

Hi folks,

As many of you have heard, we have a special guest artist providing an alternate cover for LTBv2 #1. Now before you start groaning about alternate covers, let me assure you, it wasn’t our intention to do one, but we feel we had no choice. How could we have no choice, you ask? Well, when we first contacted this artist, he’d told us he would be available to create a cover for issue 3. So, with that in mind, Jack got to work and made a pretty spiffy cover for #1, but within days of Jack finishing it up, the other artist contacted us and told us he’d only have time to do a cover for #1.

We suddenly found ourselves in possession of two great covers, and we figured since we certainly weren’t going to say no to an artist of this caliber, and we didn’t want to deprive anyone of a chance to get Jack’s cover, we figured we may as well do both.

Now, here’s where being on this mailing list pays off. No one outside of Runemaster Studios has seen both covers yet, but we’re going to let you have the first peek.

What’s that you ask? Who’s the other artist? Well, that would be none other than the amazing Mike Wieringo!

So, without further adieu, please click the images below to check out these gorgeous covers.

Click to enlarge    Click to enlarge

Jack’s cover was originally created as a pin-up, but when we decided to use it as a cover instead, he had to alter some of the elements. So for those of you who notice a similarity to the existing pin-up, that’s why.


Mike Bullock

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