Wolverine in New Hands

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When Marc Guggenheim was a college intern at Marvel Comics, he dreamed of one day writing the actual comics he witnessed being created daily. Perseverance and clarity of vision have paid off in spades as Marvel proudly announces that they have signed that once starry-eyed youth to write for one of their most recognizable characters as part of the brand-new creative team behind WOLVERINE!

Guggenheim, an attorney, cut his writing teeth on TV's 'The Practice' and 'Law & Order' before serving as Supervising Producer of ratings juggernaut 'CSI: Miami' and the critically-acclaimed 'Jack & Bobby'. Most recently, he has joined the writing staff of 'In Justice', again as a Supervising Producer.

TV hasn't been the only playground for Guggenheim's fertile imagination. He collaborated with software giant Microsoft on the script for 'Perfect Dark Zero', the much-anticipated launch title for the Xbox 360.

Guggenheim jumps right into the thick of things with 'Vendetta', a six-issue WOLVERINE arc that will tie directly into the much-anticipated 'Civil War' event. In the arc, Logan will attempt to track a super-villain who may be responsible for one of the most heinous rampages of carnage ever in the Marvel Universe, only to stumble upon a conspiracy that is both long-reaching and cause for the Marvel heroes to watch their backs. "It's thrilling to be given the opportunity to add to the mythos of one of my all-time favorite characters, but to do so as part of such a special event as MCW is the cherry on top," Guggenheim says.

Guggenheim's initial foray into the comic book field was on DC's Aquaman title. "To say I'm thrilled beyond description would be something of an understatement," Guggenheim says. "I'm fortunate enough to make a living as a writer today because of the lessons and inspirations I drew from the Marvel comics I read as a kid."

"TV writers have tons to offer the comic industry," notes Marvel Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada, "Marc's skills in scene-setting and characterization make him A-1 material for ol' Marvel. I've always loved when comics have that cinematic flair, and I'm betting Marc's gonna make us proud in that respect and show us a new thing or two around the Bullpen."

Joining Guggenheim in the hunt is returning fan-favorite artist Humberto Ramos. Joe Quesada is thrilled to welcome Humberto back to Marvel comics and is pumped at what he has to show. "Humberto is doing some of the best work of his career on this current Wolverine arc. He has such an incredible knack for showing the chaotic nature and energy of a full on attack by Wolvie, it's pretty blood curdling! Just from the front cover alone of his first issue you can tell that what lies inside is going to be some pretty spectacular stuff and that Humberto will be pulling out all the stops. Every time I look at Humberto's art, especially his Wolverine, I'm always struck with the illusion that what I'm looking at is animated and moving and I always have to remind myself that what I'm looking at is two dimensional and still."

Look for Wolverine #42 to be in stores this May, and keep an eye out for more exciting CIVIL WAR news in the coming weeks!

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