BF Awards 2012 - Best Limited Series: HAPPY!

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Grant Morrison goes uber-violent together with Darick Robertson in his first creator-owned comic.


 Haven of creator-owned comics, Image Comics caught themselves a big fish in 2012: superstar writer Grant Morrison who published his first creator-owned comic HAPPY! right there. Morrison has always dabbled in the more mystical regions of superhero symbolism, his fetishes for magic, semantics and metaphors transmuting his stories into modern parables. In a surprising move for one of the guiding forces behind DC’s Batman comics,  HAPPY! is an orgasmastic splattering of violence the likes of which no other Morrison comic has ever seen. 

Anti-hero Nick Sax has been fired from the police force, turned on by his own employees in his murder-for-hire business (well, what would you expect?), is constantly drunk, and is waging a hopeless battle against the agonies of eczema. Sax seems beyond redemption, but saviors often take strange forms, and, in his case, it's the form of a tiny blue, feathered pony named Happy.

The coupling with artist Darick Robertson was another surprise. His art style focuses on the inherent twistedness in humanity’s inner selves and brings it to terms with the physicality of this characters. His stints on the infamous The Boys with Garth Ennis and Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis are not exactly known for their squeaky clean visuals and general positive outlook on life.

But Morrison’s gamble and new found inspiration seems to have paid off and there it is, HAPPY! is the winner of the Best Limited Series of the BF Awards 2012. Since Morrison has stated before that working on creator-owned comics and creating stories from out of the ether is a very inspiring and exciting process, let’s hope he keeps it up in the new year and a lot of comic fans will be very … happy! BLAM!

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