Chicago Comic-Con 2010: Brian Pulido

Lowdown - Interview

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At Chicago Comic-Con, Broken Frontier had a quick chat with Brian Pulido about the future of Lady Death and his other current projects.

BROKEN FRONTIER: Any plans to bring Lady Death back to comics?

BRIAN PULIDO: Yeah, believe it or not, after being out of the comics market for a couple years, there’s a new Lady Death monthly starting in December. And actually before that, we’re doing a preview. We’re giving away 50,000 copies in comic shops across the country. The preview is actually the ground zero of the story, the first twelve pages that kick this brand new storyline off. In the past, we did various things like variant covers and this, that, and the other, but this is no frills. This is monthly, bam, we’re here. We’re already working on issue 13.

BF: With Dynamite Entertainment pursuing the Vampirella license, do you think the market is primed for a “bad girl” revival?

BP: I would say so. You have people like Angelina Jolie making it cool for chicks to kick ass, with movies like Salt and Wanted. So I would say “Hell yeah!”

BF: Do you have any other projects coming up?

BP: In the world of comics, Lady Death is what I’m working on. But a feature film that I directed called The Graves is out on DVD, starring Bill Moseley and Tony Todd.

[The Graves focuses on a pair of sisters, a college grad rocker and an insecure Goth fresh out of high school, who happen upon an abandoned mine town in Arizona called Skull City. The two soon realize that this is a ghost town in more ways than one and a great evil lurks in its dusty streets. Terrible secrets and monstrous inhabitants await them.]

BP: In the future, [Avatar Press] may have other announcements coming up but right now, our obsession is working on the Lady Death monthly.

BF: Anything you can tease us about in the monthly?

BP: You know, I wouldn’t say this is a re-launch or a reboot but we are sort of turning the series on its head. Longtime readers and new readers can expect significant surprises. And one of them is going to be in the appearance of Lady Death herself. I will say no more but it’s a bit of a shakeup.

BF: A new design?

BP: Yeah, at a genetic level. You got that before anybody.

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