Civil War General - Part 5

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In most wars, it would be impossible to get real insight from the generals controlling the action.  But luckily, the only American Civil War being fought this year is taking place in the Marvel Universe.  And the man presiding over the whole thing, moving pieces around as he sees fit is Tom Brevoort, editor extraordinaire.  Tom was kind enough to sit down with Broken Frontier and talk about the buildup and execution of issue #5 of Marvel’s Civil War.

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BROKEN FRONTIER: A large part of Civil War #5 deals with the fallout between Tony and Peter, who’s realised that he’s made the biggest mistake of his life. Spider-Man’s been as much a face of this event as Iron Man and Captain America have. How does his switching sides affect both factions?

TOM BREVOORT: Well, it’s too early to say how his changing sides might affect Cap’s crew, but from Iron Man’s side, Spidey was both his protégé and the poster boy for heroes registering, so him switching sides will definitely have a public relations effect on the Pro-Reg guys, and not a positive one.

BF: Looks like J. Jonah Jameson will have a field day anyway. What about Peter’s perception in the eyes of the everymen in the Marvel Universe?

TB: I can’t imagine that it’ll do him any good; in the eyes of many people, it’ll probably look like he’s reverting to type, and can’t be trusted.

BF: During the conversation between Spider-Man and Tony, several panels showing Iron Man zoom in on his mask, more specifically on the eyes behind it. Is that a way to place Tony’s human side on the forefront, or was it simply part of Millar’s panel descriptions?

TB: That’s primarily just Steve Mcniven finding ways to make the storytelling visually interesting during one of the talky bits.

BF: Tony again expresses that locking unregistered heroes up is only a temporary measure. Does he still truly believe that things will work out in the end for all involved?

TB: That’s the goal towards which he’s struggling certainly, and while he doesn’t have any feeling of easy success (and even expressed the opinion last month in NEW AVENGERS #24 that he might not live to see the end of CIVIL WAR), it’s definitely the outcome he’s battling to achieve.

BF: Two people immediately affected by the fallout between Peter and Tony are Mary Jane and Aunt May. Will their whereabouts be addressed in Amazing Spider-Man #536?

TB: Yes.

BF: This issue revealed that the guy with the mask seen last issue was the Punisher. What I find particularly interesting is that it would seem to be of little use for Captain America to even make a decision on whether Frank Castle can join up—Frank has already decided for himself… or hasn’t he?

TB: Well, Cap can’t decide how the Punisher feels about the events of CIVIL WAR, but he can definitely decide whether or not to take Frank on board as a member of his underground efforts, or to release him to play a lone hand—or even to take him down and deliver him to the authorities like any other criminal.

BF: It seems to me that Frank’s strategic know-how would come in handy for a Baxter building raid, on the condition that he doesn’t kill half of the Pro-Reg faction in the process. That leads to the question, can the Punisher be controlled for the benefit of the ‘greater good’ he believes Cap represents?

TB: That will definitely be the question, and the interaction between these two soldiers will be a big part of the PUISHER WAR JOURNAL tie-in issues.

BF: We also learn that Tony has placed a mole in Captain America’s camp—Tigra—but what we don’t get to see is the complete impact of the situation. While he’s locked away, Daredevil hands Tony a silver dollar and calls him Judas, but that’s all we know at this point. Does Cap’s side know Tigra’s been acting as a spy? Is SHIELD now chasing everyone of the underground movement? Is Daredevil the only member of the core group who’s been caught? Or, without getting ahead of ourselves, will the full effects of Tigra’s move be dealt with next issue?

TB: We know that other members of Cap’s underground have been and are being caught—Cap mentions, for example, that SHIELD took down Cloak earlier in the issue. And there’s nothing to indicate that Cap or his guys are aware of what Tigra is doing—if, in fact, that is what she’s doing.

BF: If she’s not, then how did Daredevil get caught? The last panel on page 17 shows him still in Cap’s headquarters, and the first panel on page 18 shows him being handcuffed…

TB: You’re making assumptions here, and asking for what amounts to spoiler information; you’ll have to forgive me if I remain silent on this one. Wait and see.

BF: The sequence of Daredevil’s capture imprisonment shows that the gates to the Negative Zone prison are marked with the number ‘42’. Can we assume that the prison facility is simply part of Plan 42, as was the cloning of Thor, and that the real deal with the plan has yet to follow?

TB: By the time CIVIL WAR #7 is over, you’ll understand the significance of 42.

BF: So, based on what you just said, Plan 42 will still greatly affect the Marvel Universe, regardless of the War’s outcome?

TB: That’s not precisely how I’d phrase it, but essentially, yes.

BF: In the same sequence, Tony unveils what was meant by the ‘Fifty-State Initiative’. Since you’ve mentioned this Initiative is the key to Reed, Hank and Tony’s master plan, how close are they to making it reality?

TB: You’ll see more about the status of the Fifty State Initiative at the outset of CIVIL WAR #6. But they’re not there yet.

BF: At the start of the Daredevil sequence, we see Reed doubting his—and his government’s—actions. Am I right when I say that Reed will have to make decision soon about what’s more important to him: his wife or living in accordance with the law? Or is his position never in question?

TB: Every character’s position should be in question. Each of our heroes has to weigh the choices they make and continue to make through the course of this story. And as we’ve gotten further in, we’ve already seen people revising their opinions and switching their stance—and that’s only going to continue as we hurtle through the final two issues.

BF: With only two more issues to go, can you give us some more insight on how things will be structured from here on out? The Michael Turner variant for next month’s issue indicates that Namor will show up, plus, there’s the planned raid on the Baxter building and the inevitable showdown between the two warring sides. Oh, and let’s not forget about the actual outcome of all this, meaning, what happens to the Registration Act and the Marvel Universe in its entirety. With the last issue being double-sized, that leaves a total of 70 pages. So, where do you draw the line of what will be addressed in Civil War proper and what will be addressed in the ongoing monthlies…

TB: First off, the last issue isn’t double-sized—it’ll have a few pages more than normal, but not a double-sized amount. Beyond that, this is a very broad question. What I can tell you for certain is that the story of CIVIL WAR will conclude in CIVIL WAR #7, but the effect on the Marvel Universe as a whole will continue on in titles throughout the line in the months to come. So yes, you’ll be seeing the dreaded “ramifications” for some time—much as how HOUSE OF M led to DECIMATION and the reduction of the mutant numbers to 198 played out in various titles after that crossover wrapped up.

BF: In related, will these issues be branded as ‘Civil War epilogue’ books, kind of like DC put a ‘One Year Later’ tag on its covers after the completion of Infinite Crisis?

TB: Much like with DECIMATION, there will be a coordinated marketing plan for the titles with spin-out elements from CIVIL WAR.

BF: When can we expect an example of this new cover dress to be released?

TB: At some point in the near future.

BF: How about we end this interview the way we ended our previous one? What’s your best tease on what’s coming up in Civil War #6?

TB: New heroes, a daring raid, and more characters than Steve mcniven has ever drawn on one spread before.

BF: And, finally, what’s the one tie-in issue until Civil War #6 hits that fans absolutely can’t afford to miss?

TB: Depends on what you’re interested in.

If you want more insight into Tony’s psyche, you want IRON MAN #13 & 14 and the IRON MAN/CAPTAIN AMERICA CASUALTIES OF WAR Special.

If you want to know more about Spidey and MJ and Aunt May, you want to head towards AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #536

If you want more info on the Punisher’s stake in CIVIL WAR, you’ll want to check out PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL #1

And NEW AVENGERS #25 is the most beautiful of the upcoming tie-in books.

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