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With Hack/Slash: The Series having debuted this month, Broken Frontier chatted with writer/artist/b-movie aficionado, Tim Seeley.  Before things were done, we covered Hack/Slash (both the comic and movie about the slasher-hunting duo of Cassie Hack and Vlad), the upcoming Troma Entertainment/Devil’s Due Publishing original graphic novel, vampire fighting Jesus clones and… sandwiches.

Read on if you dare…

BROKEN FRONTIER: At what point did it become clear that it was time for an ongoing Hack/Slash series?

TIM SEELEY: It's been something I felt I really WANTED to do right after Girls Gone Dead. I started really liking the characters and I felt like I could expand upon them better if I had the room of a monthly. But, when you're working in a Marvel/DC world, you have to be smart about this sort of thing, and I had to wait until sales on the one-shots were consistent enough to jump into the rigors and terror of a monthly. Finding Emily [Stone] and Courtney [Via] helped too, because I couldn't help but think there was an aligning of the astral bodies and the comic book gods were smiling down on me.

BF: Give us a little teaser trailer…what can fans expect to see in the first few issues of the ongoing?

TS: The ongoing started at a run, and it just keeps going... I dropped Cass and Vlad into a sort of Saw scenario in the first issue which allowed me to show elements of their origins for new readers and reveal some new stuff for old readers. Then, 2-4 continues the "Shout at the Devils" arc, my ode to Heavy Metal Horror. Cassie and Vlad have to take on a demonic band that can control virgins and make them do their bidding. With both Cass and Vlad being virgins, this is a problem, so someone is going to have to do the naughty....

BF: How did Emily Stone and Courtney Via get involved with the book?

TS: Emily had done some inks over my pencils in the Dark Elf books, and I really liked her stuff. I looked her up, and found out she penciled even better than she inked. So, I kept her to myself, and when the ongoing got the green light, I searched the many pages of Deviant Art for a colorist I thought would do her justice. Fortunately, the first person I emailed wrote me back, and that was Ms. Via.

BF: How is writing the ongoing different from the one-shots and minis?

TS: It's sort of the difference between eating just the delicious bologna plain vs. eating a bologna sandwich with all the fixins'. With the one-shots I could provide some tasty fun, but with the ongoing I can add the crust of a supporting cast, and some Spicy Thai Mayo of a back story. Admittedly, this is one of the worst analogies I have ever made. But, in any case, go buy Hack/Balogna people!!

BF: Is it safe to assume that a little bit of Tim Seeley was channeled through Dr. Gross in issue #1? I mean, in his line about “the simple slash and stab,” not the insane killer part...  How do you think many of the 21st century “slasher” movies stack up against their earlier counterparts?

TS: Fortunately some talented independent filmmakers are bringing back a more classic take on the slasher genre, but lately, horror seems to have degenerated into torture porn, over the sort of fun and solid scares of slasher films like Halloween and the Texas Chain Saw Massacre

I don't have anything against gore, but I think many modern films like Saw rely too much on their gritty production design and extended torture, sacrificing real scares. On the other side, we have precious few new ideas, with WAY to many remakes of films that didn't need to be remade.  

BF: Not to take anything away from all the cool slashers you’ve created for the book, but… how awesome was it for you to cross Cassie and Vlad over with Chucky?

TS: It was a blast. I think my excitement for the story comes through in that one... I LOVED writing Chucky and the chance to put him in a situation both as ally and enemy to my pet creations was about as creatively fulfilling as I could ask for.

BF: So, if you had carte blanche, who would be your next dream match for Cassie and Vlad?

TS: The Crow is my #1. I have a story all plotted and ready to go...I just need someone from the Crow camp to write me back. But, how cool would it be to have Cassie fight a guy who fits all the slasher qualifications, except that he just might be justified in what he's doing? SO.....EXCITED...O'BARR...WRITE TIM SEELEY BACK!!!!

BF: When Euthanized was first released, did you even imagine that by 2007 Hack/Slash would be where it is?  Where would you like to see the property in 5 years time?

TS: Y'know, at the time I just knew it was a story I wanted to write, but I count my blessings that I can keep writing it and somewhere, someone keeps reading it.  In five years, I'd like to be lounging on a beach, writing issue 60, after just having been to the theatre to see Hack/Slash 2: Slasher Boogaloo for the 15th time.

BF: Any updates on how the Hack/Slash movie is shaping up?

TS: Ben Magid, the new co-writer is polishing off his draft. Todd is eyeing getting this thing cast and in pre production over the summer, with filming planned for September. Cross them fingers kids.

BF: Recently, DDP announced Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales.  Somehow I have the suspicion you were at least somewhat instrumental in getting this to happen. What’s your involvement in this?

TS: Heh, yeah, I've been working on getting this book going for a few years now, and I finally got it to the point that I was ready to solicit it. Not to brag, but this might be the greatest anthology OGN of all time. The creators really went all out, and crafted some pretty loving stories to some of the best low budget high concept schlock ever filmed. 

I love these kind of books, with Flight, 24-7 and DC's Bizarro book being my inspiration. And I can honestly say, that if you have ever enjoyed ANY Troma film, or are just curious as to what some comic creators will do with these ideas, you will undoubtedly love this damn book.

Hack/Slash: The Series #2, previewed below, is set to hit in early June. Lloyd Kaufman Presents: The Toxic Avenger and Other Tromatic Tales is solicited for a July 2007 release.

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