Dr. Professor Strikes Again in the Motion Novel Thesis of Evil

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A ginormous mutant koala attacks Capital City as the sinister Dr. Professor gazes at the fiery scene around him. His smug, evil grin is swiftly swept away shortly after, along with his diabolic plans for metropolitan domination, by his arch-nemesis and Capital City’s super-powered protector Alpha Man. Foiled again! Curses!

All of this bad-assery takes place within the first three minutes of Mutant Koala Pictures’ motion novel Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil, directed by Jukka Vidgren. Thesis of Evil lures us into the melancholic mind of Dr. Professor, a mad scientist whose dreams of Capital City’s annihilation have begun to languish due to his newfound corporate partnerships. Long dead are the days in which the colossal-craniumed doctor could whip out a ray gun and vaporize whomever he pleases without a second thought. No, in this day and age, paperwork, not Alpha Man, is the bad Doctor’s greatest foe. That is, until the purple-suited scoundrel becomes revitalized by a new desire in life –– conquering the world! The only thing that stands in his way could be the last thing a criminal mastermind might ever suspect, and we’re left to ponder a single question: Will Dr. Professor rise once more to the topmost ranks of supervillainy, or will he spend the remainder of his (dooms)days zapping autographs as little more than a could-have-been dictator of the world?

Blending cutting edge 3D motion graphics, intensely rich sound design, and a sharply crafted tongue-in-cheek plot, Thesis of Evil is a superb and original bit of visual storytelling made in Oulu, Finland. The story pokes fun at world we know all too well while simultaneously serving up a strangely heartfelt tale of a wicked young man who grew up to be a Professor of Evil (because “bad things don’t just happen –– somebody needs to make the effort.”) The level of playful banter and cynicism throughout Thesis of Evil ranges from fun wordplay, especially Cox News, a candid and comic play on Fox News and its brand of blatantly biased news to unforgettable supporting characters like Captain Swastika, who helps rekindle Dr. Professor’s appreciation for mayhem and devastation by setting a Bavarian village afire. And who can forget PETA’s condemnation of Alpha Man for knocking the mutant Koala that was running rampant in Capital City into outer space?!

The fact that Thesis of Evil’s is also a successfully fan-funded project only adds to the awesomeness of this motion novel, which according to the official website “gives us a look and feel of a graphic novel with live action and sound.” Jukka and his team launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, and in just a few months, they surpassed their fundraising goal of $8,000, soliciting funds from the people who wanted to see Thesis of Evil, and in return for their contributions, they received quirky perks like a pin of evil to showcase their wicked inclinations.

From comic book fans to aficionados of superhero movies, Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil is 25 minutes of laugh-out-loud comedy mixed with mind-numbing wit and awe-inspiring computer graphics that is a must-have experience for all. Check it out on iTunes today, and let yourself be consumed with a new brand of evil.

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