Fraggle Talk: Katie Cook

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Every day this week, BF will be talking with creators, artists and writers involved in bringing Fraggle Rock to comics about their favorite Henson moments and their experience with the Fraggles and Archaia, all gearing up to this month's release of Fraggle Rock #1.

Today BF chats with Katie Cook (MySpace Dark Horse Presents, Star Wars webcomics), artist and writer of one of the two back-up tales in Fraggle Rock #1.


BROKEN FRONTIER: What is your first or fondest memory of Jim Henson and his creatures?

KATIE COOK: This is a tough question to answer… I have so many! But really, one of my favorites is watching The Muppet Show (when it was in syndication) while I was a kid with my brother. It really formed our sense of humor and we used to laugh so hard together. I still remember sitting on the couch with him and laughing over silly skits while having my dad explain who some of the guest stars were.

BF: Of all the Henson characters, which is your favorite?

KC: I love Kermit. He’ll always have a special place in my heart. I think we all want to be like Kermit in one way or another… he takes everything in stride! But it’s a well-known fact that I also love Sweetums. I have a soft spot for the full-sized Muppets and Sweetums is no different! I went to Disneyland after Comic-Con last year and was VERY disappointed after going on the Muppet 3-D experience that Sweetums was not waiting outside the building so I could take a picture with him. Imagine a 20-something woman pouting in Disneyland because she can’t get a photo with her favorite character… that was me.

BF: Your written thoughts alone make me warm. fuzzy and Muppetsy inside! The magic of Henson and his amazing characters triggered an instant love. To me that is! How you are planning to tackle that magic on paper?

KC: Really, it’s not about tackling anything! I grew up drawing characters from The Muppets, Fraggles, Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

Even as an adult, I still doodle them. It’s just been a natural progression from a child’s doodles to professional illustration. They’ve always inspired me. I just hope that everyone thinks I draw better than I did when I was 6!

BF: You have done an amazing job with TOPPs trading cards. Was this a factor in you getting your Fraggle Rock moment?

KC: I’ve done a LOT of Star Wars work over the past few years, not just sketch cards! I did the online comic for The Clone Wars for season 1, I’m doing a Star Wars art print with Acme Archives and there’s plenty more in the past and on the way. But I guess having Star Wars work on the ol’ résumé didn’t hurt when I let it be known that I wanted “in” on the Fraggle comic. It’s nice to have a great list of credits to back up your name!

BF: Call me impressed! Can you tell me something more about the adventures you are planning for Fraggle Rock?

KC: I plan on doing as much with the Fraggle universe as they let me. it’s a world that i’m having a blast exploring and I really think that I’m doing some of my best work to date on the Fraggle comic. also, this has given me a chance to break out the DVD box set and re-watching the series has been amazing. it makes me even more excited for the chance to poke around the Fraggle-verse!

BF: With all the different groups like the Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs and fan favorite characters Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley and Boober, what is the biggest challenge in getting the characters in a comic, like Fraggle Rock #1?

KC: The biggest challenge is getting all the characters you love into the story! You may want to fit everyone in, but you need to edit. In six pages, I can’t fit in Marjory with Philo and Gunge if they aren’t appropriate to the story. (I still need to fit in a reference to Mr. Shimmelfinney’s cat some time).

Fraggle Rock #1 goes on sale in April 2010 with the Fraggle Rock/Mouse Guard Flip Book out on May 1, 2010


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