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Fresh off of drawing the Hulk and Fantastic Four in Marvel Adventures, Steve Scott is moving on to Green Lantern and The Phantom. BF checks in with the artist to elaborate on his plans for the coming year.

BROKEN FRONTIER: You just came off a Marvel project, namely Marvel Adventures. You did issues #9-12 of Marvel Adventures: Hulk (battling Doc Samson, Juggernaut, The Thing) and Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #30-31. How did you like those stories for yourself and which characters did you like to draw especially?

STEVE SCOTT: I loved working on this and wish the title was still going on and I could be on it! These were the way comics were when I was a kid picking them up off the racks. You didn't have to read four comics to get the whole story and each issue you looked forward to a new adventure. Loved it.

As for what characters I enjoyed drawing, all of them!!

Hulk was the first comic I ever read when I was a child. It was issue 200 and I just had to figure out why it was that Hulk had a helmet on his head. In the issue, he went into Talbot's brain and got into fights with the images of many of his biggest villains. Great story!

As for Samson, I always wanted to be a part of making that character more important in the Marvel universe. I think he would make for a very unique and exciting on going series at Marvel and I am amazed that no one has considered the direction I have in mind--which I'm not telling right now. It would be fun. Hey maybe I'll pitch it.

BF: I have seen some great DC-stuff over at your Deviantart page. How did you get into the DC-office?

SS: Well, years ago, I worked on Hourman and JLA. After taking a six year hiatus from comics, they remembered me and felt fine to let me back in the door. Michael Wright was the guy that both let me in and connected me with some of my first work coming back into comics.He recently moved out of comics and is working with a guitar company down in Nashville. We'll miss him in the comics world though!  I've since worked on Shadowpact, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight, The Creeper, the Smallville tv show (check video below), Batman Dark Knight adaptation and more. Both companies have given me some exciting projects.

BF: How was it to draw the Green Lantern and what is the plan for you?

SS: Ah, this was Michael Wright coming through for me again. My agent and I both sent him over a sampling of my inks and colors just to update him on my stuff.  Renee (Witterstaeter; agent) was pretty excited to share some of the recent work with editors at both companies...Well, it turned out that the timing was just right on that because he just got this really cool one shot in that is a promotional comic for New York's Con Edison utilities company and it deals with thinking green to save the planet. Something I'm very interested in myself.

He actually had the inker already picked for the job and wanted me on pencils. (I've been penciling and inking some of my own jobs recently, but am open to doing it either way. I've even been coloring some of my pieces!) As it is, Green lantern (Hal) was one of the only characters left I had NOT gotten a chance to draw and he IS one of my favorites.

To top it all off, Solomon Grundy is the super villain for the story! I feel Grundy is DC's closest version to the Hulk.  It just couldn't be any better. This job has just finished up on my end and I really look forward to the finished comic. I really enjoyed this.


BF: Personally, I think it is time for you to be drawing babes again! You had a Razor issue a while ago and that art was just lovely! Any plans in that area?

SS: You know, I cut my teeth as a comics artist working for London Knights, Brainstorm, and Avatar doing "babe" books and all the while longing for the day I could be drawing Hulk or Green Lantern.

At this point, though, my dream job would be an on going horror or paranormal series connected to a good writer and doing this for ten years or longer!  Again, that would be an absolute dream! That would be the direction I would want to go if I had my way. I am grateful for Razor, Luxura, Pandora, Twilight, etc...etc...but it was never what I really wanted to be doing at the time. But, a great place to start.

BF: What else do you have coming up in 2010?

SS: It's always interesting to see what will be next on one's plate. Right now I'm finishing up some Phantom covers as well as penciling a few Captain Action stories. In addition, I'm working on a series for an independent publisher that I can't really talk about right now, but it's really going to be interesting when people see and read this story. The writer is great, and it's a direction and a story that we haven't seen before! I'll tell you more about it when I can.


And of course a few key conventions here and there. So far I'll be at: PlanetComiCon in Kansas City, March 27th and 28th; The Pittsburgh ComiCon, April 23-25th; Heroes Charlotte, June 4-6th; Hal-Con in Nova Scotia, October 30-31st; Mid-Ohio con, November 6-7th....and there will be more.

Again, you can check out Renee's company Eva Ink Artist Group on Facebook (she also does the commission and convention booking) to check on all our convention appearances. You can also check out my Facebook Fan page.

I am also featured in a "Creator Chronicles" interview on the Michael Golden DVD.

It's fun doing these shows and meeting the fans. It's part of the job, and a part that I enjoy. It's also good when you can give back to the community. At the recent one in Pigeon Forge for AdventureCon, we did a special print as a charity promotion to aid the local blood drive. Those kinds of things are important! We also bring along a selection of prints for sale, sketch etc. This year, Eva Ink Publishing will also have a mini-sketchbook of mine on hand for sale, highlighting some of my sketch work in the 2009 season.  Hope to see some of you on the road!


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