Hungry for Dreams: Raven Gregory Discusses the Dream Eater Saga

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Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for its upcoming Grimm Fairy Tales Universe crossover, The Dream Eater Saga. The massive twelve-part event will cross over into several Zenescope series including: Wonderland, Grimm Fairy Tales, Grimm Myths & Legends, The Piper, Inferno, Neverland, Sinbad, and Salem's Daughter

The Dream Eater will be penned by Zenescope writer Raven Gregory (The Waking, Return to Wonderland) with story contributions from Grimm Fairy Tales creators Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco.

The story will deal with the various heroes and villains of Zenescope's ever-growing Grimm Universe as they must choose to either run from or join forces and face off against an all-powerful and extremely terrifying entity known simply as the Dream Eater. Broken Frontier felt it high time to take everyone on a tour of Raven Gregory's own dreams.

BROKEN FRONTIER: Raven, after Marvel and DC doing mega-crossovers, it is time for Zenescope? Is that correct, or are you tackling things differently?
RAVEN GREGORY: It's a story we've been talking about doing for some time.  We just wanted to make sure that the time was right and that everything came out oganically instead of feeling forced.  Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco (writers and creator of Grimm Fairy Tales) have been planting the seeds that lead to this for quite some time.  As for doing things differently than the rest of the crossovers that have been out recently, we're doing our best to really push the limits on how far we can push this.  Readers are going to see some of the biggest moments EVER in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe.

BF: That sound exciting for sure. You are not the only writer for this crossover, right? Can you tell me a bit more about how you all things together?

GREGORY: Actually, I'm writing the series myself with story contributions from both Joe and Ralph.  While I adore Marvel and DC crossovers, we all felt it was important to have a single voice writing the series while Joe and Ralph help steer the ship.

BF: Can you elaborate a bit more about the Dream Eater? Is it the name or is this a new and most likely evil character?

GREGORY: This is an entity that is sort of a last resort for the forces of good.  It's a metaphorical nuclear bomb in that in order to protect humanity from evil the Dream Eater could be released and wipe out all of the realms within the Grimm Universe save for Earth.  So while this being is not necessarily evil, it's going to be doing some very scary things to some very well-known Grimm characters.

BF: Scary is your middle name, I hear from some! Here I thought Wonderland and Neverland were its own universes. How are these and other titles connected?

GREGORY: Joe and Ralph have been building this mythology since day one and all of these universes are actually interconnected.  So far there are four realms that make up the Grimm Universe:  Wonderland, Myst, Neverland, and Oz -- with Earth being the nexus of them all.

BF: So you have the art teams (interiors and covers) already matched. Perhaps you can tell me a bit about them?

GREGORY: We have a few cool surprises for long time fans.  A few fan-favorite creators from the past might be returning as well as some hot new talent that is going to knock people socks off.  As far as covers, so far we have Arthur Suydam, Eric Basaldua, Sean Chen, Mike DeBalfo, and Greg Horn will likely do one or two as well as some other big name surprises.

BF: What if fans of Wonderland, for instance, only want to buy the Wonderland-issues. Is that a possibility or will they need to buy all issues?

GREGORY: Totally.  You can read through the whole crossover and get the full story, but if you're a Wonderland fan and you just want to see how the story affects Cali and her daughter, Violet, you can just read that and still be satisfied.

BF: Raven, do you know how amazing you are?

GREGORY: I have been told I should add it to the beginning of my name!

The prelude issue of the series will be available for pre-order in the upcoming February issue of Previews at the low price of $1.99 and will feature 22 pages of content. The Dream Eater Saga begins April 2011.


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