Image Month: Inside Look: Avengelyne #8

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Inside Look is Broken Frontier's director’s commentary-like feature in which creators take you behind the scenes of one of their latest comics to hit the stands. In this edition, as part of our Image Month celebrations writer Mark Poulton gives us the lowdown on Avengelyne #8 with art by Owen Gieni.

Avengelyne 8 is the second part of our “The Hunt” storyline, which finds Priest on the run from the authorities after his vigilante killing spree. This particular part of the story finds Priest and Avengelyne taken custody by the War Dogs, a superhero team, artist Owen Gieni and I created for the series. It’s a huge thrill to create our own superhero team that is now part of the Image and Extreme Universe.

While the War Dogs, Avengelyne, and Priest play prominent roles in this issue, the main developments in the story center around two of our supporting characters, Heaven, and the Angel of Death, Passover, as you will see below.

Page 4

Last issue, Passover had his teleportation staff stolen by the War Dogs’ resident teleporter, Safe. Needless to say, Passover was not happy. He eventually catches up to the War Dogs’ caravan and is out for blood.

Throughout the series we have hinted at Passover’s disdain for humans. He is often confused in the faith Avengelyne has for them. It’s a fine line to walk for one of God’s angels and it’s a line he’s close to crossing in this issue. Avengelyne basically has to talk him off the cliff before he does something he’ll regret.

As for Safe, he was a character I initially had no handle on writing when coming up with their backstory. The other War Dogs seemed more interesting to me, but as I started writing issue 7, Safe came alive to me and his personality started to develop. If we ever get to do a War Dogs oneshot or mini-series, we’ll have a lot of fun with him.


Page 6

This page shows the further tension building between Passover and Avengelyne. As the Angel of Death, God has entrusted Passover with killing who he sees fit and he does not like Avengelyne telling him what do. Her warnings are wearing on him. In fact, he drives the point home in panel 4 where he reminds her with one of them has fallen from grace. One of the things, I’ve tried to establish is the longer Passover is on the Earth, the more human he is becoming with his emotions.

Owen does a fantastic job capturing the emotions of the characters. Even with his helmet on, Owen can show the anger in Passover through his eyes. Owen has often said he sees the eye holes in Passover’s helmet, much like the eyes in Spider-Man’s mask. They are so expressive.

Page 7

This page was written specifically for Owen. He asked me to write a page in the classic nine panel grid. Personally, I like to keep the pages to 4 or 5 panels. 6 panels is the most I will go, so this was a big challenge for me. However, I thought a fight scene between Passover and the War Dogs’ leader, Vagabond, was the ideal place to give it a try.

I’m a huge action film fanatic, especially the action films of 90s. This was my homage to them, where the two good guys have a misunderstanding and fight it out. It leads to another of my homages on the following page…


Page 8

Any Hong Kong action fan knows this pose from John Woo films. Before I even started writing the fight scene between Passover and Vagabond, I knew I wanted this moment between them. In the series, they both wield one of the Five Holy Weapons. Passover is the owner of the Jesus Fire gun, while Vagabond has the gun the represents Redemption. I wanted this moment for Vagabond, so he could realize there are other weapons like that out there. Before this fight, he had zero knowledge of the gun. He’s a soldier who underwent experimentation to splice demon DNA with his own to better serve his country. In exchange, the country sold his soul to Lord B’Liale.

After dying in service to his country, Vagabond went to Hell. However, he fought for his redemption and literally crawled his way out of Hell. When he woke up back on Earth, he found the gun lying next to him. He had no clue how he got it until Passover explained the story.

I love the look of Vagabond. Owen really knocked it out of the park with his design. I think the sunglasses and face mask give him this air of mystery to him that is very reminiscent of Grifter from Wildcats, which was an obvious influence in the creation of the War Dogs.

For Passover, this is an important exchange because although he comes off very hard and seeing the world as black and white, he still shows some compassion for a man who is literally fighting his inner demon.

Page 15

In the first issue of this series, Heaven, was introduced as the person whose body Avengelyne’s angelic essence chose to be its host when her body was in danger. Eventually, Avengelyne would get her original body back, but I thought it would be really interesting to explore why Avengelyne’s essence chose Heaven to be the host. On the outside, she seemed liked the least likely host, but as we’ll learn more about her we’ll soon discover she is a very powerful player in the war between good and evil.

This page shows her having an exchange with Father Peter, when Passover and Avengelyne teleport into the church with an unconscious Priest. This is the first time Heaven learns that Avengelyne is a fallen angel. She was under the impression she was just a friend of the church, because Heaven has no recollection of the time that Avengelyne was in possession of her body. But now seeing Passover and Avengelyne, her memories of where she was during that time quickly start coming back to her.

Page 17

Here’s our first flashback of Heaven’s time while Avengelyne was in possession of her body on Earth. Heaven was at the gates of Heaven with an army of angels, the Warhost, bowing before her. Who she really is and what power she has will be told as we continue this series.

It’s something Owen and I mapped out as part of a two year long storyline. It has been really exciting seeing our plans we put together back in Christmas of 2010 when we were first told the book was greenlit by Image slowly unfold over the course of the monthly series.


Page 20

This is our issue 8 cliffhanger! We have been hinting since issue 2 that Passover was not showing his true face and that you would know when the Face of Death was calling for you.

In this page, Passover has had enough with Priest. Avengelyne has fought him for the past couple issues telling Passover that Father Michael could be saved. Passover, however, had believed that as Priest, Father Michael had been possessed by evil and was too far too be redeemed. This proves Passover correct. When he goes to eat the soul of Father Michael, he starts to pull a demonic presence out of his body. It’s truly a great page to end on as we see good and evil in an ultimate confrontation! And how about those colors by Owen Gieni and Dexter Weeks?! It’s a thing of beauty.

Avengelyne #8 is out now from Image Comics priced $2.99.

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