Image Month: Inside Look: Skullkickers #13

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Inside Look is Broken Frontier's director’s commentary-like feature in which creators take you behind the scenes of one of their latest comics to hit the stands. In this edition, as part of our Image Month celebrations, Jim Zubkavich talks about Skullkickers #13.

Skullkickers #13 is the, forgive the pun, kick-off to our third story arc called 'Six Shooter on the Seven Seas'. All of our arcs have a number driven pulpy cadence to their title and this arc is no exception.

Our first arc was a mini-series that hinted at bigger adventures to come but was built to wrap up in case our sales didn't work out. Once Image gave us the go ahead to continue, we were ready to expand the world and unveil a larger cast and bigger stakes. With our third story arc we want to keep the core of ludicrously violent fun but we're finally revealing some of the larger secrets that fuel the big story of Skullkickers. This is our do-or-die arc where we get people hooked for the long haul or wear out our welcome. Needless to say, I'm pushing for the former.

Pages 1-2

Our recap. The strange little old lady from the second arc narrates the recap again, hinting that she knows far more than she should about the world and its players. Her outfit is also substantially different this time, which isn't a coincidence. Although she does recount what has gone on before, she also adds tidbits of information that we hadn't revealed up until this point, giving long time readers a reason to read through and new readers a way to quickly catch up.


Page 3

Our boys stowed away on a ship and now, water logged and hungry, they've decided to try and sneak aboard. Each arc has put our mercenary monster mashing morons in a different cliche fantasy setting and this time out it's all about pirates.

Page 7

The boys aren't the only stowaways. Kusia, the elvish assassin who caused so much trouble in arc 2, becomes a more intergral part of the story. Strange alliances are formed as we keep our readers guessing about where it's all going to lead.

Page 10

The boys get caught and a food fight breaks out. I'm amazed we haven't had one before this point, quite frankly. Also, the dwarf makes a crack about dwarven women having beards, which ties back to Zach Weiner's hilarious short story from issue #12 where he sang about the beauty of dwarven lasses.

Page 11

Skullkickers is the comic where I can write the sound effect "Baguette-ified" and no one will bat an eyelash. I want to write this comic forever.

Page 16

Baldy doesn't have any eyebrows at all. What's with that? It ties back to the origin of his strange golden gun. All will be revealed in issue #15.

Page 22

Lots of awesome stuff happen inbetween these pages, including a pirate song, talking fish and hard drinking. Believe me, you want to buy this comic and read the $#%^ out of it. Anyways, here's the cliffhanger with a creepy scary Cthulhu-esque monster. Good times ahead.


Skullkickers is built on a base of action and humor, but with this arc we're going to enrich that with even more character moments. I hope you join our merry band and see what all the hooplah is about. Comics should be fun. Our readers finish each issue with a grin planted on their faces.

Even better, this issue includes details on the Tavern Tales Contest we have running through to the end of April where we're taking art and writing submissions to create a short story for issue #18. If you've ever wanted to break into comics, this might be a solid break for you.

Skullkickers #13 is available now from Image Comics priced $3.50, written by Jim Zubkavich with art by Edwin Huang and Misty Coats.

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