Image Month: Stjepan Sejic - "Image Suits Me"

Lowdown - Interview

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BROKEN FRONTIER: How do you look back on those Early Image days and the splash they made?

STJEPAN SEJIC: I personally got introduced to Image Comics via internet back in those days.  My interest was mostly artistically based as their art style was so radically different from what we had in Europe. In Croatia specifically Italian comics were huge, so there was a certain stylistic preconception linked to mere mentioning of comics.

It was a curious thing for me because really the way I got introduced to Image Comics was through a comic biennale exhibit that was held in the city of Rijeka where I was attending art school. While I admired a lot of different pages and covers displayed there, but there was one that really etched in my mind as I  saw it, and that was the cover to Witchblade by the late Michael  Turner. A year or so later, I got access to internet and in a moment of uninspired boredom I remembered that name. I googled Witchblade and from there everything changed. For me at that time, it was inevitably the artwork that redefined my idea of comics since I was unable to get the actual comics in my country.

BF: How has Image changed the industry over these past 20 years especially for creator-owned comics, and how has that affected you personally?

SEJIC: Image was always free to do their own thing. When you have creator-owned comics there are creative freedoms that artists and writers can  have that would be  severely limited otherwise.  This sense of freedom allowed Image creators to try different styles in both artwork and writing, often proving themselves trendsetters of the industry.  As far as how that affected me… well, I’m working for Top Cow and I have no plans of quitting that job. Truth of the matter is I enjoy a level of creative freedom and input even when working on company owned titles such as Witchblade or Artifacts. Bottom line is this: Image suits me.

BF: What Image Comics milestone has positively amazed you the most?

SEJIC: Well, I’m obviously biased toward Witchblade, but honestly it is hard to choose. One could easily go nostalgic, but then there is also the new stuff being published. On a personal preference, I must say that Nonplayer really amazed me, and given that I’m a bit of a fantasy nut visually it hit all the right cues for me. It is difficult to choose, many titles amazed me. I love The Darkness, but also love The Walking Dead, I love Proof, and I love Spawn. And the difficulty of choice is, I think, a good sign, because when you have to go too far into the past to look for stuff you liked, it usually means that there is something you’re missing now. And with Image I never had that feeling.


Stjepan Šejić is a Croatian comic book artist currently involved on Top Cow's Artifacts as well as developing his own series Ravine. Prior to Artifacts he was the long-lasting artistic partner ot Ron Marz' run on Witchblade, published by Top Cow Productions.

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