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Last week saw the release of a new Moonstone title, Infiniteens, created, written and drawn by Portugese sensation Zeu. With so many exciting things going on in the debut issue, Zeu took some time out of his frantic schedule to highlight the most important elements of Infiniteens #1.

Infiniteens is an 8-part superhero mini-series written, pencilled, inked and colored by yours truly. It tells the story of four teenagers trying to build a future in a dying world consumed by war. Eighteen years ago, mankind mastered the secrets of Dimensional Shifting and learned how to travel to parallel worlds. In these voyages mankind woke something dark and ancient in Rift, an old entity known as Primeva, something that flooded our world with invisible Superparticles, in turn spawning a worldwide event that turned anyone susceptible to them into powerful, mindless freaks driven by pure Rage.


Click to enlargeIssue #1 throws you right into the middle of the action with Pulsara in a very foul mood. Once a key scientist in Shifting Research, the former Dr. Helen Vitori is now, alongside the secretive weapons tycoon Excelord, the only known Event Freak to have somehow developed immunity against Superparticle Rage. However, due to continued exposure over the years, she too has began to slide into savagery.

She´s pissed beyond words and she wants Excelord´s head.  Badly!


What I really like about this page is that it lays all the cards on the table. In just two panels the reader learns all he or she needs to know about this world. Oh, and you get to meet Excelord´s aide, Ms. Meankiss—the baddest mofo to ever come out of my pencil. She and Luther´s jaw will have words, oh yes they will.

Click to enlarge    Click to enlarge    Click to enlarge


Pulsara and Excelord aren´t the only freaks immune to Superparticle Rage, of course. Meet four others, enjoying the New England summer. High School´s over and they´re enjoying their last breath of freedom before college, jobs and other Real Life woes come tumbling down.

Julian is testing his latest creation, a flight suit which will later become pretty much the village bicicle. Luther is doing what he does best: trying to make sense of it all. Nadia is far on the back, walking through the clouds with the butterflies and zebras and moonbeams and fairytales—that´s all she ever thinks about. And Bev is enjoying her favorite sport: taking jabs at everyone. Not a very people´s person, is she?


Click to enlargeThis is a key moment, as things start going south for the Infiniteens in every possible way. Rule of thumb: you want to become a superhero, fine. Develop your powers, make your flashy uniforms and come up with your sounding names. But don´t cross the path of only THE most powerful being on the planet. Trust me on this.

Another reason why I chose this page is the fighters  Attentive readers will consistently stumble upon tech discrepancies throughout the series. You look closely and pretty much everything seems to have stopped in the ‘60s-‘70s. The cars, the tv sets, the planes… this is not a very advanced world! And yet in the middle of it all, you´ll find advanced jet fighters, railguns or armoured infantry golems (my name for mechas).
Nadia briefly addresses this subplot in issue #3, but if you blink, you´ll miss it.


Click to enlargeA lot of things happening here. First, the Infiniteens theme song. Nadia wrote it (of course). She´s a guitar player in the Blue Hats band that often plays at the Sea Bride and “Invincibles” does not refer to their superhero career which is just starting. Instead, “Invincibles” comes from Luther´s short football career in the Ruseur Otters which made him the town hero.

Next, there´s Ben´s Autoshop. Ben (the chubby fella on the left) is an old geezard who took it upon himself to raise Julian, an orphan. There´s their house in the back with one of Julian´s artifacts hanging from the roof. The plane is another story altogether and I really have to draw it someday. It´s a tale called “The Swarm” and it explains why Dr. Helen Vitori adopted the identity of  Pulsara and how that plane crashlanded in Cape Ruseur 12-13 years ago, with most of Infiniteens´ key characters onboard: Julian, Luther, Chief Barnes, Old Ben, Sheriff Ito and Nadia´s stepfather, Harry.


Click to enlargeThe Event Child threat is shown a glimpse at a time throughout the series, leading up to the Grand Finale. We know they are coming and they will soon destroy the world, but at this stage, if you live in Cape Ruseur, they´re still just something you see in the news, the reason why there´s nothing on the stores, everything is pricey and all the young men are gone..

Meet Julian´s rival, Sheriff James Ito who´s everything Beverly wants in a man. He´s older, experienced and wears a uniform. From the get-go I had trouble making her wear the Twinblast uniform. It was just completely out of character. With James I managed to pull the tale of the Sun and the Wind in reverse, by “teasing” her into wearing it.


Click to enlargeAnd BAM! She wears it!

Secret story. Eons ago, I built a  model of Cape Ruseur on scale. After making this page, I decided to grab a stick and see if it would actually be possible to see Ben´s motel room from Julian´s window. Tragedy! The train station was 10 inches too much to the right.

I spent the next 2 days terraforming the whole town; buildings, roads, powerlines, everything had to be shifted just so Julian could get his peep show.

I also like this page because you get to meet a few key characters. There´s Luther´s baby sister Ashley, a dormant Event Child waiting for her powers to flare up and a child version of Nadia (albeit more reckless). The sailor uniform has nothing to do with too much manga or anime; I just happened to come across photos of early 20th century schools and I thought it would be fitting for a fishermen´s town to have a nautic-oriented school.

And then there´s the rest of the Blue Hats band, the Muhler twins, Arthur and Athena, the town´s rich kids who provide logistics backup to the Infiniteens. Athena is Luther´s girlfriend and Arthur was Nadia´s childhood crush. How rich are the Muhlers? Well, their mom, an algonquian lady who only appears in 3-4 panels in the entire series lended (not rented! Lended) the old Dance Hall to Nadia to serve as the Infiniteens HQ! She also gave her worthless husband Carl a bar (of all things) to run, the Sea Bride and most of the town´s fishing boats belong to her.

There´s a lot of things going on in this issue issue, but the actual meaning of most of it you´ll only notice further down the road when you start connecting the dots. From the missiles going nuts when they home in on Julian to what makes Ms. Meankiss so badass, the series is ridden with little gems hidden all over the placer.

You´re invited to come find them with me.

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