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The second installment of Moonstone’s Infiniteens mini-series, created by Portuguese artist Eliseu Gouveia, also known as Zeu, went on sale last week. BF has got your inside look!

The solicitation text for the issue reads: "The Infiniteens face their baptism of Fire as evil arrives to the peaceful coastal town of Cape Ruseur. A dangerous rescue mission to save the lives aboard the air fortress Sagittarius turns for the worse when the young heroes stumble upon Excelord´s dark secrets. What would you do if the deadliest, most powerful man on the planet set his sights on you?"

Infiniteens is an 8-part mini-series that follows the adventures of 4 teenagers with amazing abilities in a world infested by mindless, bloodthirsty Event Freaks, powerful humans that wreak havok across the globe, destroying everything in sight.

When we left the Infiniteens, they had just stumbled upon the wreckage of the Sagittarius, an immense air fortress home of the weapons tycoon Excelord which  crashlanded near their small town of Cape Ruseur.

Clocking at 26 pages, there´s a lot going on in issue #2 as the Infiniteens´ rescue efforts leads them deep inside the belly of the beast where they´ll unearth the Sagittarius´dark secrets.


First order of business, I needed to get rid of the Infiniteens´ fear of Nadia´s teleportation power since it plays a crucial part in this issue. Yes, she misplaced a whole fishing boat in a parallel dimension when she was a child. Deal with it!
Best way to do it was to make them decide which was better: to die when the Sagittarius starboard engine explodes or take a split second tour to a parallel dimension and back.

What I really like about this page is the idea of them rescuing the supervillain´s henchmen. That´s what I love about the Infiniteens, their absolute innocence. In a  world where mankind is facing extintion at the hands of vicious Event Freaks, they rescue anyone regardless of who they are. All life is precious to them.

Few of you will know this, but the original title of this series was Little People because it focused exactly on trying to emphasize the value of human life.

Click to enlarge    Click to enlarge    Click to enlarge


Poor Sheriff James Ito. Beverly´s current hobby and Julian´s rival in the struggle for her heart. I feel really sorry for him since the lack of page real estate forced me to sacrifice his lines and panels in this issue where he would be confronted with the idea of Beverly being out there on the field duing superhero stunts…

Notice how in the last panel Luther turns off his forcefield? It´s the last time he´ll be doing that for the rest of this issue. You see, there´s a serious design flaw in the uniform Nadia made for him.

You don´t walk around barechested in New England at night.


Enter Chief Barnes, the mentor figure that will accompany the Infiniteens throughout the series. A war veteran who lost his leg fighting Event Freaks (his present one is a prosthesis), he´s the voice of experience who´ll help steer the kids in the right direction. He, Sheriff Ito, Luther´s mom and Nadia´s stepdad are the main characters in a story called The Swarm that shows how the kids first met. I really hope it gets to see print some day, depending on the success of Infiniteens,

Wanna know a little secret? For the longest time I seriously considered ( and still do) whether to make Barnes gay. In the end, I just decided that his sexual orientation wasn´t essential for this story.


Click to enlargeI call this the Luther page. Of all the Infiniteens, he´s the one who really pops out here and shows exactly what I like about the character. He´s the strong, pragmatic and proactive pillar of strength you want to have by your side in a crisis. No second guessing, if there´s something that needs to be done he just goes in there and do it.

Enter Captain Adams (originally Captain Nelson). Previously in charge of helming the Sagittarius, he´s now just a scared little man terrified of what Excelord will do to him for what happened to the ship. He’s o terrified that he will provide the Infiniteens with one of their single greatest assets in this series (he´s holding it in his left hand, still fresh out of the Sagittarius databanks).

I could never make up my mind as to whether he killed that female operator lying there on the floor or not.


Click to enlargeNow things get complicated.

Captain Adams shoots Luther, who loses his balance and instinctively grabs Bev´s leg just as she´s about to zap the guy, dragging her down and splitting the group in half.

Julian goes “- You bastard!” (later on, Moonstone editor Lori G. and I decided to tone it down a notch since that maybe wasn´t the proper language for an all-ages book).

Luther returns fire by trying to ensnare the captain in a non-lethal high viscosity red foam ideal tor extinguishing fires. It´s his main weapon of choice throughout the series and you´ll see him using it to subdue Event Freaks.in a climaxic battle a couple pages further.

This issue’s an all-out slugfest where the Infiniteens give everything they´ve got to save the crewmembers of the Sagittarius from a horde of Event Freaks. You wanna see it? Go get your copy!

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