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Inside Look resumes at the new Broken Frontier! Jimmy Palmiotti dives in and unveil the creative process behind this week's top DC release, Power Girl #1.

The solicitation for the issue reads:

In her own ongoing series at last! Straight from the pages of JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA, Power Girl starts life anew by building herself a secret identity. But a major villain from her past has other plans in store for the Super Hero, and to get his way, he’s holding Manhattan hostage!
From the fan-favorite writing team of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray (JONAH HEX, TERRA) and featuring the vivacious art of Amanda Conner (JSA CLASSIFIED, TERRA) comes this rip-roaring new series!


What Justin and I were thing for this book was to treat it as an introduction to the character and a quicker introduction to her origin, which is the page before this. Actually this is page 2.  We wanted the book to be easy for a new reader to pick up and not have the feeling of being lost, which is something I personally feel with the books from the big two companies. I am not one for ever reading any one line of books across the board and am very selective about the titles I pick up, so with Power Girl, like Jonah Hex, we wanted to make sure everyone is on the same page with the character and the book as well as the series is assessable to readers old and new.

We open with a nice big splash that right away features an American icon, The Statue of Liberty. This says a number of things to the reader …the main ones are a quick pointing to the location of the series and the symbol of freedom, and the welcoming of immigrants to the city and to the united states, which is a theme with the character herself after all the goings on for the past couple of years. We looked at this as a good splash to say she is finally going to make her new home New York and she is going to one of the most iconic places in the united states that has been welcoming people from all over the world here since the beginnings of this great country.

You will notice Amanda put some of the landmark bridges over in New Jersey in the background s well as showing the details of the island for anyone who has never been there. Another note is Amanda made some changes to Power Girl’s costume and these will be happening all the time because she said herself that a woman would never wear the same outfit all the time. I like her thinking and look forward to some cool suit changes.


We open with something we see all the time, people using their phones as camera to catch something odd… and this time it’s a giant wild looking hurricane swirl appearing over the city . we see in the second panel a nice variety of faces and ethnic backgrounds and ages which Amanda is just so brilliant at. Nothing says, “I have never been there” as much as an artist drawing people all looking the same. I think the guy on the left is a comic artist or writer…they, as a whole, are either bald or look like this guy, lol.

Panel 3 we have the sandwich board guy, appropriately dressed only in his underwear proclaiming doom and gloom. I think Amanda gets a kick at drawing men in their underwear, but that’s another story. A nice detail is Paul Mounts use of color to show the sky going mad, and Amanda rustling the local foul to complete the picture.

The last panel we see the wind kick in big time and anything weighing less than 300 pounds is about to get a free ride. Notice how filthy the guys underwear is…nice attention to unnecessary detail. Lol… anyway, this is what we call an establishing set up page…which leads to…


This page we wanted to deliver the threat in sense around and not have Power Girl react to any of this yet to build the threat up.  Giant clamps from above that Amanda sequenced smartly into a 3-panel piece of storytelling. The threat introduced and we see it do damage. Yes, that is Dillon’s bar…named after our good friend Steve Dillon whom we spend a lot of time with in bars. One of the coolest guys I know. Amanda always names bars after people we know.

The last panel shows the damage and you can imagine the loss of life and the horribly loud sound the building is making while it is falling. Something actual New Yorkers like myself never want to hear again. Amanda gives an array of different people reacting differently to what’s going on .

Note: the guy with the t-shirt on the right is wearing Amanda’s actual t shirt design for throwing up. Fun!

PAGES 4  & 5

The threat is delivered in what looks like steam punk inspired aliens coming down to destroy the city. Amanda uses her perspective correctly to show the foreground details, the middle ground threat and the background figures to show more are on the way. Car glass shatters, people run for their lives and where oh where is Power Girl? The other thing we start to show in the story is that we wanted these beings to transmit a frequency that drives people insane and Amanda gives us this with the couple on the far bottom right of the panel. Notice how they don’t even care that there are giant monster things walking around anymore? It’s chaos baby! 


Note: the truck on the right is based on the whole foods stores and if you live in any big city, you know this is one of the most expensive food stores around. Amanda calls it whole paycheck, and once ran up a bill there that could pay peoples rent. She keeps her business to public these days and her money in the bank. Thanks Amanda.


This page is a 3-page sequence that is specific to the certain threat and shows a progression of action. Monsters outside the store, monsters break in and then about to attack. Each

and every single person in the panels has a story and reaction from the guy with the fork in his mouth to the mother with her child. It’s awesome and frightening as well because once again we cannot understand what these beings are saying. I personally like to think of myself as the guy on the right about to throw a dish at the monster…defiant till the end.


What we have been building to and we deliver in spades as we see Power Girl finally getting to do some super heroics, big and bold and beautiful. Everyone we saw in the last page is now in the foreground and reacting differently, which is very important storytelling on an understated level. We see the Hassidic man helping the older gentleman’s wound as he shakes a cane, we see a father pushing his wife and kid to safety and we see the dishwasher dude cheering on Power Girl. The voice of the people has spoken… They want Power Girl to save the day!

That’s just the head teaser and less than 1/3 of the book that hopefully you will give a try. Justin, Amanda, Paul Mounts and I have put a lot of hard work into this series and we hope you can see that and will hang with us for the rest of the ride as we not only introduce Power Girl into her own series finally for the first time, but we hope you hang around to meet the new supporting cast of characters, some superheroes, some not.


Jimmy Palmiotti

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  • Lee Newman

    Lee Newman May 7, 2009 at 1:06pm

    The book is action packed and a fairly easy to get into into to the character. Props to Jimmy and the gang and thanks for the inside look to the book, Jimmy.

  • Bart Croonenborghs

    Bart Croonenborghs May 8, 2009 at 5:08am

    This is great, thanks for the inside look, Jimmy.

  • Andy Oliver

    Andy Oliver May 9, 2009 at 8:45am

    I enjoy these Inside Looks immensely for the insights they give into the creative process and personalities of the creators involved. Good stuff.

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