Kiani Returns from Watery Death in New Fathom Spinoff

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Just like a phoenix Kiani rises from the ashes, which goes to state that a fan-favorite character, especially a fierce creature like Kiani, cannot stay dead forever!

The last time fans saw Kiani in the pages of Aspen Comics previous Kiani series, she was dispersed and destructed like only the archenemie of Kiani, Aspen Matthews, can do. Aspen did this gruesome act much like she took on Kiani's father Killian and since Killian came back... here is Kiani coming back from the watery death, courtesy of Vince Hernandez with art by Oliver Nome. Kiani will feature in her second miniseries this March, starting out with a zero issue, which is becoming an Aspen Comics standard. 

BROKEN FRONTIER:  In the pages of Fathom, Kiani will not stop the war against the humans and in the last showdown Aspen defeated Kiani, whereby she disintegrated. How come she’s alive and kicking?

VINCE HERNANDEZ: There’s an important bit of Kiani history that comes into play regarding her return, and how it’s possible she survived being torn apart by Aspen’s powers. It’s actually something that die-hard Fathom fans know about their existence that we draw upon. New readers will be caught up to speed with the introductory zero issue out in March that highlights some of the most recent Kiani developments that have led her to this point. I’m excited to see what both longtime and new readers will think!

BF: Kiani has a big and strong personality. She was strong-willed already before she found out Killian was her father. Kiani even went as far as to agree with Killian and his ill-will towards the human race, making her a real enemy to Aspen, who is trying hard to make all races get along with each other. What is her perspective on humans, Blues, Blacks, Reds and of course Aspen in Volume 2?

HERNANDEZ: Haha, well Richard, with the exception of the Reds, which you know don’t exist in Fathom, her ideals and her hatred towards the Human race have not been altered, but her approach most definitely has. Before, Kiani was driven more by her emotions and her passionate means of action. In this volume, she is learning to adapt to a powerful set of new abilities through her painful experience of death, while also committing to a more focused approach to what she sees as a problem of co-existence.

BF: I like it when you laugh at me. Seriously though, I was talking about the Lava-Blues of course. Getting back to Kiani; her resurrection did not make her change her ways then. Why did you take this route and not turn her into an Aspen-acolyte for instance?

HERNANDEZ: Ah, gotcha! Well the race of lava citizens and Kiani share a very strained relationship because they suspected that she was a deity returning to save their civilization, which in reality she was not. I didn’t have her become a supporter of Aspen’s cause because at her core, that’s not the person she is, and I felt this wouldn’t seem realistic to who she is. But, she will see a very radical change of her ways, which readers will discover early on in this new series.

BF:  Killian forsook his thirst for power and war when he learned the fact that he would become a father again. Did this change after Kiani died, and will we see Killian return to those wicked ways?

Killian plays a very prominent role in this series, so fans will get to see how he is adjusting to life as a citizen of the Blue. He’s no longer seen as a dissident—or criminal to his own people. They’ve even allowed him to sit in on the summit between the Blue and the humans, which was essentially the most important moment in the Blue’s history, as they sought to attempt to forge a future together with both civilizations.

BF: 'Completely rehabilitated', that would be a dream-come-true in the real world. Are you sure there are no negative sentiments left either on the Blue or on the human side?

HERNANDEZ: Absolutely, everything takes place in a real world vacuum in Fathom, so while Killian might be considered to be on the “good guy” side, there are still characters that are not sold on his change of personality and action. Killian will never be able to fully go back to being the person he was before he began his crusade to attack the humans, it’s part of the crux of his identity now.

BF: Will we be seeing returning characters in this volume?

HERNANDEZ: Oh, yeah. I absolutely love picking and choosing characters that have appeared before and reworking them back into the current continuity. I know a lot of writers enjoy creating new characters—and I do to an extent as well—but, I think it adds weight to the story when you have characters that are already embedded in the fans’ psyche.

BF: That is a compelling statement. Which begs the question: which returning character is the most pivotal in the upcoming arc?

HERNANDEZ: This story is obviously about Kiani, but in many ways it’s also the story of the current leader of the Blue, Siphon, who we’ve seen in previous volumes grow from being an Elite Soldier to the leader of the Elite Council at a time when relations between the Blue and the Humans are at their most vital. Siphon’s story is just as important to the future of the Fathom universe.

BF: What attracts you to the world of Kiani and Fathom?

HERNANDEZ: I love the adventure and the mystery that is inherent below the surface of the ocean. While it’s cliché to say, the ocean truly is the last great frontier on Earth so there’s just so many possibilities when it comes to stories in the Fathom universe. Plus, I enjoy the characters and have a deep affinity for many of them like Kiani, Aspen and Killian. I feel as if they’ve grown alongside me as I’ve written more and more stories with them. And finally, I think it’s a tremendous honor to be tasked with writing stories based off Michael Turner’s work. His legacy is Fathom and to be able to help shape that world will always be a great honor for me.

BF: Do you think that having such a vivid reverence for Turner’s legacy makes both artists and writers more aware of how they will never downgrade his characters?

HERNANDEZ: It’s a legacy built on the life’s work of one brilliant man, I think that’s inevitable with every artist that takes on the mantle…if not, we make sure they realize the importance quickly! [Laughs]

BF: What should convince readers to tag along for this new Kiani-ride?

HERNANDEZ: Well, it’s a high-tension underwater action-adventure story with a fierce and deadly heroine, deep sea battles and plenty of surprises for current Fathom fans who have seen this property grow from one volume to four with several miniseries' and more. I think there’s something for everyone who gives it a try—and I hope they will!

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  • Richard Boom

    Richard Boom Feb 1, 2012 at 12:26pm

    yummie! I want more Kiani :D

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