Lost - Episode 608: S.O.B. is Back

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Everyone’s favorite “son of a bitch” is back. After climatically joining anti-Locke a few episodes back, Sawyer has been conspicuously missing from Lost of late. But never fear, Sawyer-philes, this week’s Lost episode features an ample helping of everyone’s favorite con-man. In “Recon”, Sawyer spins a web of double and triple-crosses and his real allegiances become more clear. In the flash parallel we find out that even when James Ford is a respectable member of society, he still suffers from the same inner demons.

The first big surprise of the flash-parallel is that parallel-Sawyer is no longer a con man. The tables have turned; James Ford is now a law man that catches con men (gotta love the LaFleur reference). Sawyer’s partner in law enforcement is Miles (again). The two of them make a pretty good team, just like their days as members of the Dharma Initiative security force. Sawyer is just as driven for revenge as ever, some things are always the same. After another dead end in Australia, he continues looking for his parent's murderer: Anthony Cooper. Miles sets up James on a date with the still alive and still smoking hot Charlotte, but Sawyer royally flubs the first date after she inadvertently stumbles upon his file on Cooper.

Miles angrily confronts Sawyer about his trip to Australia, which Detective Ford earlier lied about, but Sawyer refuses to admit anything. Off duty, Sawyer kicks back with a beer and a T.V. dinner and watches Little House on the Prairie. Inspired by Pa’s speech to Laura, or perhaps Michael Landon’s $75 haircut, Sawyer decides to be less of a touchy asshole. Charlotte slams the door in Detective Ford’s face, but Miles feels the bro-love, and Sawyer lets him in on his plans to kill Cooper. Kate crashes into their car and interrupts the bro-mance. The flash ends as Sawyer chases her down with a final quip of “son of a bitch”.

On the island, Sawyer gets sent by Locke-in-Black on a reconnaissance mission to Hydra Island in an attempt to recover the airplane as a means of escape. At first Sawyer only encounters a lone woman named Zoe, but it soon becomes clear that she is just a part of a new heavily armed group invading the island led by Charles Widmore. Sawyer cuts a deal with Widmore, goes back to the main island, and tells Locke of his encounter with Widmore. Sawyer then tell Kate that he plans to use the approaching conflict as a means to steal the submarine and escape the island.

Overall, “Recon” was an entertaining episode, but much like “Lighthouse” the island storyline functions somewhat as a set-up. The episode seems to be a prelude for the future conflict between Widmore and Locke-in-Black. It was nice to see Sawyer break out of the post-Juliet funk he's been in and get back into the action. Sawyer’s parallel storyline started off with a real bang, but then faded into a bad first date and a Little House rerun. Lawman-Sawyer probably deserved a little more excitement in his first appearance, but judging from the ending we haven’t seen the last of the parallel character.

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