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The ancient playwright Terence once said, “Nothing is said now that has not been said before.” (Presumably, he forgot to cite whoever it was that uttered that line before him.) I do not feel so badly, then, in claiming that poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge said it best when he wrote that color comes from sparkling Joy: “All colours a suffusion from that light.”

If color is joy, then no one has made comic book readers more joyous in 2004 than Laura Martin. Except perhaps Laura Martin in 2003. Or Laura DePuy in 2002. Or even Laura DePuy in 2001. That is to say that Ms. DePuy (aka Mrs. Randy Martin) remains – you’ll pardon the pun – an evergreen, continually delivering sensational richness, depth, and emotion to all that her talents touch, most notably the continuing Planetary, the new Astonishing X-Men, and the covers to Ultimate Fantastic Four this year.

In praising Laura as winner of the Broken Frontier Award for Best Letter, I can only recount the words of those modern poets, the Barenaked Ladies, who also said, “It’s all been done before.” As such, I will let the following (abridged) catalogue of praise for her work best illuminate her Eisner-winning worthiness, as written by my fellow critic-colleagues...

Ben Herman of In My Not So Humble Opinion regarding CrossGen Chronicles #3: (http://www.negativepop.com/columns/comics61701.html)
I definitely have to compliment colorist Laura DePuy's work on Chronicles #3. [...] DePuy did an outstanding job of coloring the "art within the art," namely the numerous illustrations by Ideria that appear throughout the book as the character draws a visual diary of her experiences. DePuy gave these illustrations a classical, old-world feel that was reminiscent of old manuscripts. I could almost imagine the feel of the texture of the paper Ideria was drawing on from the tones used by DePuy. The effect is stunning.

Katherine Keller of SequentialTart.com regarding Planetary # 15: (http://www.sequentialtart.com/archive/sept01/rev_0901_comic_katherine.shtml)
...Laura's DePuy's colors. Can we say "technicolor orgasm?" I joked over on the Warren Ellis Forum that Ellis and Cassiday [sic] owe her a table dance for this issue. Not only is she one of the finest colorists in the business in terms of choosing colors and building mood through them, but her understanding of how light "shapes" color and how light "works" has no comparison; she reminds me of Vermeer some times.

Evan Cantrell of RevolutionSF’s “Two-Cent Review” regarding Ruse, Vol. 1: (http://www.revolutionsf.com/article.html?id=1328)
The clothing, the architecture, and the landscapes are all rendered beautifully. Toppping [sic] it all off is the coloring. In my opinion, Laura DePuy is the best colorist in the business. The range of subtle colors in this book is gorgeous, and Depuy goes even further and adds detail to the backgrounds, everything from patterned floor tiles to decorative wallpaper.

David Jay Gabriel of Scoop! talking with Fanboy Radio’s Scott Hinze: (http://scoop.diamondgalleries.com/scoop_article.asp?ai=2261&si=121)
Scott [Hinze] told me, "my favorite person to interview was Laura Martin (then Laura DePuy) of CrossGen comics. Not only was she a tip-top name in the industry, she had a chance to tell our audience just what steps she takes in creating her Eisner Award-winning colors. Coloring is the most underrated work in comics today. Pick up any modern comic and one from the "Big Boom" of the late 80's and you'll see the biggest difference-digital color. Laura has mastered this new artform, and having her tell the world in her own sweet voice about her creative process, career, future projects and working at CrossGen was a major treat. The fact that she represents the fangirls in the audience wasn't too bad either."

Jen Contino of SequentialTart.com regarding Meridian #35: (http://www.sequentialtart.com/reports.php?ID=2197&issue=2004-06-01)
Also helping things to shine are the vivid colors of guest colorist Laura Martin. [...] The coloring effects Martin did for this make it almost seem like a photograph - one that you need to shield your eyes from, because the lights are so bright. That effect was very powerful and another indication her Eisner nomination was well-deserved. I love her colors on Ruse, but seeing Martin play in Meridian's playground for just an issue was quite a treat.

Don MacPherson of TheFourthRail.com’s “Critiques on Infinite Earths” regarding Planetary #16...: (http://www.thefourthrail.com/reviews/critiques/082503/planetary16.shtml)
Laura Martin's colors bring a supernatural tone to the opening scene, and I love the red, textured haze one can find throughout the story.

...and Planetary #18: (http://www.thefourthrail.com/reviews/critiques/122903/planetary18.shtml)
Laura Martin's colors add a remarkable depth and lightness to the art as well. Her work just glows, and it reinforces the more hopeful quality that's at the heart of this story.

4ColorReview.com regarding Astonishing X-Men #3: (http://www.4colorreview.com/index.php?cat=2&paged=3)
Artist Cassaday is making good on his art work by being timely and excellent at his craft. His work has never looked better, and colorist Laura Martin is the secret weapon. From her days as Laura Depuy [sic], working on The Authority and JLA, to the salad days of Cross Gen, Martin is worth every piece of change they pay her. Martin always goes that extra mile, with incredible shadowing, and a beautiful palette. Astonishing X-Men is the best “reload” going [...] It is worth the $2.99 cover price, with the extra bonus of Martin colors.

And where would my manners be if I did not give the lady herself the final word?

Laura Martin at BrokenFrontier.com regarding her BF Award for Best Colorist:
Wow! Holy crap, that's cool. Thank you so much! All this attention is a little daunting; I'm really not a big fan of my own work. There are so many colorists out there right now doing amazing things, guys like Justin Ponsor and Frank D'Aarmata and Jason Keith and Morry Hollowell and Dave McCaig and Adi Granov and Dave Stewart...I could go on and on...and they all deserve credit for raising the bar and the art form. I'm just fighting to keep up at this point!
Thanks again so much -- and a BIG thanks to all the guys who helped me out this year.

- A. David Lewis

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