MegaCon 2010: Marvel Comics Panel Report

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Scheduled to appear were artists Mike Choi, Sandra Oback, Casey Jones, Mike McKone, Greg Land, Paul Pelletier, Nelson Decastro & Dexter Vines. They were meant to be on tap to discuss latest and future projects as well as take questions from the audience. That’s what would have happened… had they not cancelled the panel.

But, no one told us few in the conference room or a handful of the guests. What transpired for the next sixty minutes was an open discussion about all things Marvel and art with Nelson Decastro (War of Kings: Savage World of Skaar), Paul Pelletier (The Incredible Hulk) and Greg Land (Uncanny X-Men).

Because of the panel’s size, it was conversational and candid with Nelson taking some semblance of charge and joking with the audience. Due to the lack of anyone from editorial or the writing side of the business, most of the topics dealt with art and popular culture as it relates Marvel.

Of course, there was some doozy, geek questions that bore no relevance what so ever. Who would win in a fight? Boba Fett or Master Chief. Really? (Decastro believes Fett, but some disagreed).

Here are some of the more relevant details discussed:

-    As far as anyone knows, there are no current plans to incorporate CrossGen characters into the Marvel Universe. (CrossGen’s assets were acquired by Disney in 2004)

-    Paul Pelletier is on Hulk for the time being and will be for a while with no planned return the cosmic side of the Marvel U, where he had recently become most known.

-    Greg Land, while exclusive for Marvel the only side work he is doing or interested in is the restoring of a ‘59 Chevy.

The issue of late books was discussed and the panel was understandably defensive. Contrary to popular belief, many delays occur from the writers as well as an artist. The artists collectively lamented over some artists, regardless of their lateness, still manage to become more prominent in the business.

-    Pelletier discussed that he rarely gets to do the covers for his own issues and when he does get cover work, it’s someone else’s book.

-    Land likes to draw females and Werewolf by Night while even though Pelletier is on Incredible Hulk, he has yet to draw the Hulk and can’t wait to.

-    Pelletier’s longest consecutive run to date has been 21 issues of The Outsiders.

The rest of the discussion was anecdotal and interrupted when Jimmy Palmiotti and Ethan Van Sciver accidently walked in. It was then that the guests realized they had gone over time.

They were graciously asked to wrap it up. “They’ll never take me alive!” cried Nelson. But alas, all good things must come to an end. Not too shabby for a cancelled panel.

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  • Bart Croonenborghs

    Bart Croonenborghs Mar 15, 2010 at 3:47am

    Looked more interesting than the DC panel though! :p

  • Richard Boom

    Richard Boom Mar 15, 2010 at 6:06am

    my thoughts exactly!

    But...there WAS a Marvel's Cup O' Joe Panel I believe.

  • Richard Boom

    Richard Boom Mar 15, 2010 at 7:38am

    silly me
    that was ECCC 2010

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