Nancy Is Bringing Hell On Earth With El Torres

Lowdown - Interview

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Nancy and Lucifer have escaped from Hell and as a result, hordes of demons are now causing havoc across the globe, so much so that not even Heaven's angels dare to interfere.

Such is the premise of Nancy In Hell On Earth, a new Image Comics series from writer El Torres and artis
t Enrique Lorenzana, coming to stores at the end of January of 2012. BF talks to Torres about the book and shows some exclusive images to boot.

BROKEN FRONTIER: So, you are aiming your bows at Nancy again, taking her on a second spin...

EL TORRES: Yes. I'm very happy with this miniseries. After "Drums", I needed to write something with less research, and I really missed Nancy... This time she's surrounded by more characters, not just our old pussy Lucifer. She's on Earth now, and there are people to interact, not just these braindead zombies from hell.

BF: There won't be any zombies this time around?

EL TORRES: No, this time we have no zombies... why? There is so much zombie stuff out there right now, so to write again "nuuuhs" and "nnnghhs" seems to me more of the same.  Plus, in the story the Braindead belong to Hell, and she's not there anymore. A way to get rid of the living dead in this miniseries.

BF: You've got Enrique Lorenzana on art this time, instead of Juan José Ryp?

EL TORRES: Indeed. Enrique does a hell of a job. Unfortunately, Juan couldn't do the work this time, but Nancy is still our mutual creation. But, sorry to say this, Juanjo, I'm not missing you when I see Enrique's job. He's one of these crazy-detail artists that need to fill every panel with people, things with claws, round butts and blood, so much blood. The colorist, Fran Gamboa, and the color separators, Sergio Ceron and Carmelo Gónzález, pull out their hair every time a page from Enrique turns out.

BF: The art proves just that! So heaven and hell... and earth of course. What more can you tell us about your plans for the book?

EL TORRES: We try to make a fun ride, but it would be a lie to say that it's a comic with absolutely no pretense. When you play with characters that are a part of our culture and sometimes religion, some thoughts come out. And you can't help but to put them in the script.

I like to play up with the B-movie archetype and conventions - that's why we thought to do every cover in a movie poster fashion - but things got out off hand a little. We have no FX budget issues, so if we came up with the idea of depicting a San Diego surrounded by Leviathan monsters, we can do that. So the B-movie archetype of low-budget can't apply to the comic book... but our characters are damned sexy and always make suggestive poses, even when Nancy is eviscerating some evil creature.  So that "bad sexy girl" part, the gorey part (oceans of blood in this miniseries, believe me), and the B-movie fun part are here. Try it.



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  • Bart Croonenborghs

    Bart Croonenborghs Nov 10, 2011 at 3:46am

    Love the posters and indeed, Lorenzana is a worthy replacement for Ryp.

  • Richard Boom

    Richard Boom Nov 10, 2011 at 7:22am

    Half of the first volume was also drawn by a replacement to Ryp and it mattered not that much... great story! Will LOVE LOVE LOVE the second installment!!

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