Not Fade Away - Part 2

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Part One of this interview can be found  here. Go on, refresh your memory... We'll wait....


Good... On with the show!

Broken Frontier - How did you get involved with this project?

Brian Lynch - Chris Ryall, editor-in-chief at IDW, used to run www.moviepoopshoot.com, where I had a strip called Monkey Man. We met because of that, but became good friends, and when IDW got the Angel license, I e-mailed him up and down and cyber-cried until he was like "fine, do you have any ideas for a five issue limited series starring Spike?" 

Luckily, I did, I wrote a pitch detailing each of the issues' events, Fox approved it, and I started writing. 

BF - What sort of reaction have you been getting from Buffy-verse fans on the book so far?

BL - They've been nothing but supportive. I get a lot of e-mails and myspace messages about the series, and all but maybe two were positive, most were ecstatic. People love these characters, and they're just happy to see them continue on in any medium. 

And I truly believe the two e-mails I received that were not supportive were written by drunkards. When they sobered up the next day, I bet they felt really bad.

BF - Why do you think the Buffy-verse characters (and Spike, in particular) have been so enduring?

BL - Not to sound stupid, but it's a combination of everything being done very well. The writing, directing and acting on Buffy and Angel was top-notch.   

Spike's been through so many changes that had to be handled just right, or it would come off as really silly and unbelievable. Psycho killer to full-on hero is a tough evolution to pull off, and it's a testament to everyone involved that it was done so well. And James Marsters (Spike) deserves a boatload of the credit. Everything they put him through, and never a false moment. 

BF - What unique challenges have you found writing a licensed comic?

BL - Honestly, it's been smooth sailing. Fox has approved everything I've written without incident, except for two lines, and they were minor.  

I've worked on established franchises before, and it's just a question of watching the previous works starring the characters and getting a feel for them. Plus, I love Whedon's characters so much and seen every episode of his show so many times that it was second nature to write an adventure that takes place in his world.  

That said, I'm glad I wasn't working on the Muppets again while writing Spike: Asylum, because that might get confusing. We could have wound up with Spike disemboweling the Swedish Chef or Miss Piggy becoming a lesbian witch.

Actually, you know what? That would rule. I wanna see a Muppet/Spike crossover, STAT!

BF - Having done writing for various media, and as a fan of comics, what’s your take on where the industry is today?

BL - I look forward to getting new comics every week. Marvel and DC have great stuff going right now, from anything Dan Slott writes to Superman and Batman, both of which are better than they've been in years. 

Beyond the big two, there are amazing books like Scott Pilgram and The Walking Dead and The Great and Secret Show that are better than anything in movie theaters or on TV right now.  

But seriously, damn DC for killing Blue Beetle, Booster Gold and Maxwell Lord. Three of their most interesting characters, gone.  Damn damn damn.

Especially Blue Beetle. I mean, come on. Must be strong, I promised myself I wasn't going to cry...

BF - A quick fanboy question to wrap this up - favorite Buffy or Angel episode and why?

BL - That's a great question, but there's no way I could pick just one, so...

I love the episodes of Buffy leading up to and including the Graduation. The Mayor was a brilliant villain and the whole arc was really epic.

Also loved “Once More With Feeling,” so original and unexpectedly awesome. The last story arc of Buffy ever, with all the potentials and the destruction of Sunnydale was amazing. 

As for Angel, I loved the entire run of the series, but the arc involving Holtz and Angel's baby and Wesley's banishment/redemption is my favorite. 

Close second is the impending birth/birth/domination of Jasmine. That was pretty sweet. 

"Smile Time" was awesome and a great way to introduce people to the series if they've never seen it, for example, if someone's writing a Spike comic book and they want their girlfriend to watch the series so she knows what the hell he's so excited about, he should and did put this episode in and she'll be won over. 

I love the last episode of Angel. It's triumphant and damn depressing at the same time. 

And even though you didn't ask, my favorite episode of Cleopatra 2525 is the one where Cleo has to give a lap dance to free herself from some ropes. I don't remember what else happened in the episode, I just remember being very involved in the story for those two or three magical minutes.

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