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The cover to Countdown to Final Crisis #12 says it all, as the various players make their way to a big showdown on Apokolips. As we speculated here at OFTC some months ago (before it was quite so obvious) the main crux of this series has proven to be completely Kirbycentric in nature. Expect more Kirby (re)Kreations imminently, with the end of this week’s issue apparently setting up a new Kamandi, and a more traditional OMAC than those spawned by The OMAC Project.

Outside of the main narrative it’s been a very quiet week across the rest of the DC line for related tie-ins. However, still take heed of our Spoiler Warning: Read no further if you’ve not had your DC fix this week and don’t want to hear about key story elements.

Events of late…

In Countdown to Final Crisis #12: It’s Apokolips Now for the cast as they descend on Darkseid’s world. Solomon sacrifices a pawn. Hippolyta puts paid to Granny Goodness’s plans on Themyscira. Brother Eye makes a drastic move and the Trickster gives Pied Piper a hand...

Elsewhere in the DCU
(stories from the last week that may, or may not, tie into the Bigger Picture)

Just who has been manipulating Ryan Choi, including his involvement in the Countdown, all these months? Find out in The All-New Atom #20.

Countdown Special: OMAC #1 reprints some classic tales from the past of the One Man Army Corps.

Find out what the Mad Hatter was up to just prior to the events of Salvation Run in Detective Comics #841.

The Earth-22 Superman’s time with the JSA continues in Justice Society of America #12.

And further away from the main Countdown to Final Crisis frontlines but worth mentioning in passing: more time-travel craziness in Metal Men #6 and Wildstorm: Revelations #3 is the latest chapter in the big shake-ups on Earth-50.

Continuity Corner
(interesting tidbits from this week’s issues!)

The Great Disaster – Buddy Blank’s grandson is left behind in the Command D bunker by Brother Eye. Yet more parallels with the pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths Kamandi... Brother Eye uses the Apokoliptian technology it has already absorbed to also make the mass rendezvous. It plans to assimilate Apokolips in order to carry out its prime directive. (Countdown to Final Crisis #12)

The Death of the New Gods – Intriguing to see The Source guiding certain characters to Apokolips (the Challengers From Beyond, Jimmy Olsen and Forager) presumably to aid its plans to bring about the Fifth World. Who sends the Boom Tube to take Pied Piper there (and why?) remains unconfirmed. (Countdown to Final Crisis #12)

Amazons Attack! We briefly meet the first of the new human versions of the Female Furies that Granny Goodness has been cultivating on Themyscira all these months. Granny’s schemes are apparently disrupted for good. She is followed in her escape to Apokolips by Holly, Harley and Mary Marvel. (Countdown to Final Crisis #12)

Kingdom Come – The character acting as a low-rent New God-killer (the Heartbreak Slayer who has targeted God-themed villains by removing their hearts over the last few issues of Justice Society of America ) appears to be revealed as Gog. As to how, or why, (or even if) this ties into The Death of the New Gods is, as yet, unclear.

Gog has had a couple of Superman-hating incarnations in DCU history with the first appearing in New Year’s Evil: Gog #1 (Feb 98) and The Kingdom (1999) series that introduced Hypertime to the DCU. Gog was originally the sole survivor of the destruction of Kansas in the Kingdom Come timeline. Granted great mystical power, Gog came back in time to kill Superman again and again, blaming him for Kansas’s (and his own) fate.

The second version of Gog cropped up during Chuck Austen’s time on the Super-books. This Gog had a similar origin and hatred of Superman that stemmed from his home in Kansas being destroyed during the Imperiex War (in 2001’s Our Worlds At War DC crossover event).

Gog’s exact link to the violent anti-hero Magog from the Kingdom Come series (and thus Earth-22) has never been fully explained. It’s possible this JSA arc may do just that. (Justice Society of America #12)

The Search for Ray Palmer – Chronos is the Big Bad who has been manipulating events in Ivy Town and using his time-based abilities to cause all the weirdness there in a revenge scheme to make the Silver Age Atom’s friends suffer. Chronos, and his lackey Dean Mayland, also manipulated the Challengers from Beyond (including current Atom Ryan Choi) during their search for Ray Palmer in the pages of The All-New Atom and Countdown, presumably also as a part of this vengeance plot. (The All-New Atom #20)

Next week sees a very special issue of Booster Gold plus more on Connor Hawke’s fate, the Gotham Underground, the Suicide Squad and Salvation Run. See you then for what will hopefully be a fuller week for Countdown clues and teasers!

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