Phantom Gets New Artist

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The same week that his third Phantom issue appears, Mike Bullock revealed that Moonstone has brought in a new artist on the book. The new penciller drawing Phantom is Silvestre Szilagy, who replaces Carlos Magno as of Phantom #16, due in April.

BF turned to Bullock for some info on why the move was made, and scored some preview pages in the process…

BROKEN FRONTIER: Why was the decision made to bring in a new artist on Phantom?

MIKE BULLOCK: Carlos Magno moved on to other work just as he was wrapping up issue 15. While we'd hoped Carlos would stay on until issue #25, that just wasn't in the cards. Originally, Eric J was slated to do issue #16 as a fill-in, but his scheduling wouldn't permit it, so Joe Gentile turned to Silvestre, who's doing a bang up job alongside new colorist, Bob Pedroza.

BF: Where did Moonstone find Silvestre Szilagyi? 

MB: Somewhere the sunlight strains to burn through the crimson fog emenating from the depths of darkness where the tomb of Szilagyi has lain, undisturbed, for eons… 

BF: That’s just a fancy way of saying “hey, I have no idea!” [Laughs] Now, Silvestre’s line-work and page-composition is very clean and sober, which brings a timeless and international feel to the book. Is that the main quality of his art in your opinion too?

MB: Not sure I'd put it in those words, but I certainly agree. My favourite Phantom artist is the legendary Sy Barry. Silvestre's work conveys a lot of the same feel as Sy's efforts while coupling that with a modern sensibility. I think that really makes the character, mythos and subject matter gel.

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BF: What do you think makes him a good fit on the title? 

MB: First and foremost, he's a phan of the Phantom who loves what he's doing. Between that and his overabundance of talent and drive, it's more than obvious he's the right man for the job. 

BF: How's the collaboration turning out thus far? 

MB: While it took us a few weeks to get on the same page, so to speak, we're now rolling like gangbusters. Both Silvestre and I are workaholics, and we really love what we're doing. When you add in Bob Pedroza, I think the synergy is really exploding off the pages.

BF: Phantom #14 comes out this week. What events will readers see unfold in the issue?
Issue #14 is the first of a two-part story that takes place not long after the current Phantom took over for his Father. He's on the trail of his Father's killer, but ends up in the town where he attended High School. While he has nothing but fond memories of Clarksville and his Aunt and Uncle whom he stayed with, it seems the Grinning Skulls gang has moved in during his absence and claimed this small town as their own, leaving a trail of violence in their wake. The Phantom arrives just in time to find their latest victim, his Aunt Sophie.
Phantom #14 goes on sale this week from Moonstone Books.

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