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When you work as a professional moderator, the RedvsBlue skit “Real Life vs. the Internet” isn’t just fanciful Internet humor – it’s fighting words. So when I went to show my co-workers Rooster Teeth’s hilarious reenactment, I made a shocking new discovery – there’s been a whole new RedvsBlue series posted while I’ve been away.

Even though the genres of webcomics and machinima are worlds apart, they cover a lot of the same ground. They both share a common cultural lexicon – video games, though machinima is one of necessity – using the very engines of popular video games as the backdrop for a variety of series. And they both require the all-important kick-in-the-pants known as the Hook to keep readers coming.

Fortunately, the guys at Rooster Teeth are literally at the top of the game. I don’t know any other group that’s come as far as them from the ground up. Their materials have even been used by Bungie to promote its Halo game series that RedvsBlue as its backdrop. But even in the earliest installments of RedvsBlue, the guys (and girls) of Rooster Teeth show a tremendous amount of talent in pacing, voice acting, cinematography and methodically patient storytelling.

The current RedvsBlue: Reconstruction takes place more than a year after the series finale of RedvsBlue. The ship containing the malevolent AI Omega has crashed near a base, killing nearly everyone, and inadvertently unleashed the mysterious Meta predator intent of collecting all the AI’s in order to upgrade into a super-weapon. Special Agent Washington, an AI-less freelancer, is sent to track down the Meta at all costs.

Sound a bit confusing? Don’t worry – you’ll be on roughly the same page as the Reds and Blues, two teams of bumbling and bickering test soldiers who battled the evil Omega throughout the entire RedvsBlue series. Reconstruction brings back nearly all the characters (despite a few notable absences), who end fighting alongside the highly elite (and potentially unstable) Washington against the Meta.

Remember when I said how good RedvsBlue looked in its infancy? Well, multiply that exponentially for an idea how Reconstruction looks. The voice acting is excellent and quite a bit more diverse. The storyline is extremely deep, but still maintains the kick-butt hilarity of the first RedvsBlue keeping audiences begging for more.

Unfortunately, the videos aren’t available to the public just yet, so if you want to see Reconstruction, you have two options – either wait up or pay up. The good news is sponsorship only costs ten dollars for six months access into RedvsBlue’s extensive viewing list. This is one of those rare instances where you don’t get what you pay for – instead, you get a whole lot more than what you pay for.


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