State of the Initiative Podcast - Part 2

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Wednesday, Marvel invited a handful of media and retailers to take part in the second part of The State of the Initiative Podcast. BF has the report...

Once again, Senior Art Director Jeff Suter hosted the call, this time with special guest Brian Michael Bendis. The focus of this podcast was the several of the books Bendis currently writes, Mighty Avengers, New Avengers, and of course the upcoming Secret Invasion.

The conference call kicked off with Suter giving a brief recap on what was covered on the first podcast and a small summary on what’s going on in the Marvel Universe. The main point to get across is that the Skrulls have already infiltrated, and may have already won the war. Bendis went on to explain that the Initiative is the perfect counter measure to the Skrull invasion, however if they don’t succeed, the Skrulls will take the Earth. He also hinted that some of the Initiative might be Skrulls and some of the damage might already be done.

Suter then went on to question Bendis on the status of several key players in the Avengers books.

Suter brought up Luke Cage, who is basically the leader of the underground Avengers. Readers of New Avengers know the inner turmoil Cage is going through, coming to terms with the fact anyone around him, including his wife and child might be Skrulls. There has also been a big focus on Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel lately. Bendis admitted he’s been a fan of her and she’ll be a key player in the story. Ms. Marvel got a taste for the good life and being a big name in the super hero community during House of M, and she might be looking to get that feeling again. And what talk about the current state of Marvel would be complete without discussing Tony Stark?

Bendis confessed Stark is very difficult to write because, “you have to write someone that is smarter then you.” Both Bendis and Suter went into detail on how Iron Man has been the keystone to many events that have been taking place. Tony is still pretty distraught from the results of the Civil War and of course the death of Captain America.

When asked more about Secret Invasion, Bendis explained that while Civil War divided the Marvel Universe, this story has the potential to unite it again. There is a clear dichotomy in amongst the heroes right now, and when the knowledge of the Skrulls come to light, we will see many characters switching sides. Bendis also wants fans to know that who is a Skrull and what they’ve done will be revealed in the first issue of Secret Invasion, so fans won’t have to wait until the end to see what’s really be going on.

Jeff Suter tried to get Bendis to reveal a couple more secrets by asking him to, “define Skrully.” Bendis offered a couple clues to look out for such as characters that were dead and are now suddenly alive, characters whose powers seem to be drastically different then they were in the past, and he also joked that green eyes might give away something, but not too look too much into it.

Brian Michael Bendis and other Marvel writers have been sowing the seeds of this story for years. So when asked what was a big moment he was looking forward for fans to read and see what he has done some of the things he’s done, he said it would be coming in Secret Invasion #2.

One listener questioned Bendis on the true purpose of the event. He made it clear that this wasn’t a cop out to erase all of the things that have happened to shape the Marvel Universe lately and to fix the problems. He’s not trying to rewind the clock and they will not be leaving things up to interpretations. It will be very clear what is happening and why. Bendis also said that he realized early on that the entire story would be judged by the weakest Skrull reveal, so they all have to be pretty outstanding.


When a guest asked Bendis about Captain America being a Skrull, he wouldn’t give a definite answer. But he did offer the clue, “When Elektra hit the ground she was a Skrull.” So that might be a bit of insight for fans.

That wraps up the second podcast. The third podcast will be featuring Dan Slott, writer of  Avengers: The Initiative. Jeff Suter said they were trying to secure another guest for a forth podcast but could not confirm if it would be possible. Suter also told us that the podcasts would be available for download starting Thursday, November 29, for those that are too lazy to read or really want to hear what Bendis’ voice sounds like.



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