The Big, Bad Wolf Cometh: A Chat with Zenescope's Raven Gregory and David Miller

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Ever since Zenescope Entertainment started publishing Grimm Fairy Tales almost six years ago, the public has seen very interesting and mature versions of both popular and lesser-known fairy tales and children's stories. Zenescope had found its niche and the sexy covers of almost every issue make sure the public knows what they will be getting into well in advance.

Grimm Fairy Tales has spawned intercompany crossovers with their Sinbad title as well as a miniseries revolving around the Piper. Starting in January, the new spinoff miniseries, Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends, will feature four to five issue story arcs that will expand on the most interesting characters we've already met in the regular series. The run will start with an arc written by Zenescope editor and writer, Raven Gregory, and will star Red Riding Hood in a more grown-up role.

Broken Frontier recently talked with writer Raven Gregory and interior artist David Miller about Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends.

BROKEN FRONTIER: Raven, another Grimm Tale? What are you trying to add to our universe?
RAVEN GREGORY: This is something we had been planning to do for a while. Zenescope founders Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco, who also write Grimm Fairy Tales, have brought the main series up to and past issue 50. That's the issue where the shit hits the fan so to speak.  Now we have multiple storylines and characters to follow. The main one being the character of Samantha, who is Sela's protege.

BF: Why do you go for horror in these fairytales? The originals, which, thanks to Disney, almost no one remembers, are gruesome enough, are they not?
GREGORY: Horror speaks to me more than any other genre.  I've actually given it a lot of thought over the years as to why it appeals to me more than any other genre and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that you never feel more alive then when you are scared.  And horror at its purest is that which scares you.  Whether it is a heart attack or a big, bad wolf coming to rip you in two.

BF: That indeed is very true and honest. Why pick Red Riding Hood and go way back to one of the earliest of Zenescope retellings?

GREGORY: The first issue of Grimm Fairy Tales dealt with the Red Riding Hood character and her story was one of the stories in particular I wanted to revisit when we decided to do this new series.  Brittany, the girl from the very first issue of Grimm, is now working as a therapist at an isolated facility for at-risk teens.  What she doesn't know is that a creature from another realm has found her and will stop at nothing to destroy her.

BF: That sure sounds exciting. How long will Red last comic-wise?
GREGORY: The first "Red Riding Hood" arc will run five issues.  After that, we'll be revisiting other characters as well as a few big surprises that will be announced soon.

BF: What is up next for this series, or is it just a mini-series and then that's that?
GREGORY: This is our first ongoing series since we launched the main series.  We have some big things in store for the readers, so stay tuned.

BF: Do tell me more... a LOT more about David Miller and how he got to become Zenescope's favored pick for this series!
GREGORY: David is just an exceptional young artist who came recommended to us from my old collaborator, Tyler Kirkham (Green Lantern Corps, The Gift), who has just been knocking our socks off with everything he's done so far.  He did a few pages on issue 50 and 51 of Grimm Fairy Tales and I just knew he was the guy for this book.  I'm really looking forward to working with him for some time to come.


BF: David, of course, should have his say as well, so David: what is your story to the above allegations Raven has been spouting on you being the new artist?
DAVID MILLER: It invigorates me to read such kind gestures. I've been looking forward to a collaboration with Raven and this is a great time to do it, so the feeling is mutual.

BF: How do you feel about this series and what is your approach to this loveable character with the red cape?

MILLER: I find that generations have enjoyed Grimm Fairy Tales and there have been many re-envisioned versions based on these classics.  Zenescope's combination of horror and sex appeal makes for a great canvas to explore with comics.  I think they've placed the writing duties for this series in very capable hands.
BF: What was your idea when drawing Red Riding Hood? What did you use for reference in your mind's eye?
MILLER: A lovable, educated girl with a sincere passion to help and heal those in need. She's been virtuous and moral in her pursuits thus far. I'm in the middle of experiencing how events will shape and change her, so you'll just need to read the book.  As for her appearence,  I rendered her a slim and prim business girl with the signature Red Riding Hood colors in mind. The supporting cast of characters are defining themselves nicely, too.
BF: How do you feel about not doing any covers, or do you have a cover planned for future issues?

MILLER: The topic's been breached, so it's a possibility, but I have to tell you that the guys they got for these covers are no lightweights.  I find J. Scott Campbell legendary and the others are brewing in that same direction.  In all honesty, let them draw your eyes in my direction so I may prove that same impact with the guts of the book.  There's no doubt that I'm in good company.

BF: What did you find most appealing to this assignment?
GREGORY: The two biggest things for me is that myths and legends offers something fresh for both old and new readers.  With Grimm closing in on sixty issues, new readers might be hesitant to jump into the series, but with Myths and Legends, we're able to go back and now expand on past fairy tales and characters that we didn't originally get to spend time with.   Now long time fans of the main series are going to finally get the answers as to why Sela was searching out these characters in the first place, while new fans can jump on and dive in from issue one.
MILLER: I agree with Raven.


Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #1 can be pre-ordered still via your comic dealer until the cutoff date in early December.

Grimm Fairy Tales Myths & Legends #2 can be pre-ordered as well, via your comic dealer until the cutoff date in early January.

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  • Booziehand

    Booziehand Nov 29, 2010 at 5:20pm

    I have been looking to get more into Zenoscope Beyond Inferno so this looks like a great place to start

  • Steven Surman

    Steven Surman Nov 29, 2010 at 8:58pm

    Yeah, this is a really good interview.

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