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Enter the Land of Dreams

There's a lot of things to be said for The Dreamland Chronicles. It's a dazzling and gorgeous webcomic produced through top-of-the-line CGI and studious attention to detail. It has one of the consistent day-to-day updates in the webcomic community. It's a charming and youthful premise about growing up and facing your childhood dreams in adulthood.

But when I last read the comic literally four hundred strips ago, the main character was fighting a pirate, and when I checked Dreamland Chronicles again today, on page 527, he's still fighting the same pirate!

Granted, this isn't as bad as it sounds - the hero Alexander Carter is decked out in snazzy new armor, so I know at least a few events happened in that long time gap. Still, the pirate seems more like an occasional complication/occasional cannon fodder - not a reoccurring nemesis of substantial threat.

Pirates aside, The Dreamland Chronicles is a refreshing masterpiece among webcomics. But daily updates only help so long as the webcomic moves at pace which keeps the reader coming back for more. The webcomic brings too much innovation to simply be discarded for a few flaws, but pacing can keep this comic from going anywhere - anywhere fast that is.

In other news

• Yesterday I pointed to Ursula Vernon's Digger. In the mind of my head, I thought, "I wonder what she's publishing besides her award-winning webcomic." Today, Comixtalk reports Vernon has a children's book, Nurk: The Strange Adventures of a (Somewhat) Brave Shrew, which is due out in 2008.

Little Gamers webcomic writer Pontus Madsen has an interview posted by Wizard Magazine, as seen here.

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