The Daily Read: 12/18

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While most webcomics are gearing down, Shadowgirls just keeps on coming! Though a holiday break is all but inevitable, Shadowgirls hasn’t let up the pressure at all, although it has introduced one more vital necessity: humor. Here, their demonic attackers muse over the nature of pluralism (grammatically, not philosophically.)

\\"\\"And Dominic Deegan pours on the drama. While I’m not completely sure I like this much drama so close to the holidays, it is a welcome change, as we see the extent of not only Dominic’s single-mindedness, but also Luna’s temper. Yet another comic pushing strongly towards the holiday break, Dominic Deegan shows no signs of slowing down.

Phoenix Requiem continues to update. It’s not moving nearly fast enough for my tastes, but the introduction of Petria Grey adds a brisk dynamic to the character of Robyn Hart. Still, fantastic art and semi-steady updates compliment this well-executed webcomic. The only thing it lacks is a definite hook from page-to-page. Even Dreamland Chronicles – which I remain largely on the fence about – manages to work a minor hook in each of its daily updates.

I’ve always recognized Girl Genius as an artistic and technical masterpiece, but I’ve been getting more and more into the story and the characters lately. The humor really worked during the end of the last update. Girl Genius has been around long enough to show it's not going anywhere, but it also has been around long enough to develop a crew of zany characters with somewhat-hard-to-follow accents. This is a slight hurdle, especially when combined with the amount of dialogue in each page.

\\"\\"In short, this is a week to watch for webcomics, since it may likely be the last week of publishing for the rest of the year. On the interior, expect plenty of cliffhangers and big reveals, but on the exterior, this is also a great week for webcomics on hiatus to make some headway in re-establishing their web presence through guest art and meager pre-break updates. Be on the lookout – this is essentially sweeps week for webcomics.

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