The Daily Read: 2/21

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Though the action elements have been few and far between on the Zombie Hunters front, the latest updates have brought quite a few interesting revelations, but in – and out – of the comic itself. The current black-and-white art took some getting used to following the viscerally funny action, but lately the nearly-colorless look has been marching in stride to the story’s somber tone.

There’s also quite a few interesting features on the site now. A dynamite cast page is posted, which includes detailed photos of the characters along with well-written bios and a couple of other interesting little tidbits. Looking over the list, you might notice that many of the hunters themselves are “infected” with the same disease they combat in the zombie-infested wastelands. How this disease will be handled, and how the “infected” cope both socially and physically, is one of the most intriguing elements of the storyline.

I’d also direct your attention to the Encyclopedia section. Most of it is under construction save for a stunning section on Zombies. At first, breaking down zombies into various sub-types might sound like something out of a video game but the difference is in the execution. Instead of just creatively-named zombies to act as varying levels of cannon fodder for our heroes, these zombies inject a surprising element of (un)life into the horror landscape. In particular, the grotesque illustration of the Basilisk infecting a victim and the biography of the surreally soothing Mercies “comforting” its prey add entirely new dimensions to this horror webcomic.

Currently racing neck-and-neck with the other major zombie webomic work – Last Blood – The Zombie Hunters offers just as much originality in the brick and mortar of both its world and its characters. Don’t let the shambling corpses fool – there’s just as much life left in the Zombie Zoo as there are in its real-life counterpart – just don’t look away, or you might find yourself out-paced and out-raced by this innovative thriller.


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