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You might not expect much from a webcomic entitled Badass Muthas!, but like Shadowgirls, this webcomic is one of the most pervasive arguments webcomics are blowing their print counterparts out of the water on a daily basis. While Shadowgirls illustrated an entirely fictional Wikipedia entry on the famous Lovecraftian town of Innsmouth, Badass Muthas! actually compiles a front page newspaper at the beginning of every chapter. Compare this to Marvel and DC, who I sometimes spy using a newspaper headline and nothing else in the text but widgets! As they say, the devil is in the details, and the quality of details in many of these webcomics is outranking their corporate counterparts.

Badass Muthas! is clearly anime-inspired, as seen by its token demon hunters, kinetic action sequences, and of course, stylized power-ups. But Badass Muthas! outweighs many of its competitors by infusing a diverse and notably non-anime visual style in the proceedings. The results, propelled by creator Dave Ryan’s gritty yet colorful art, are instantly engaging.

With an injection of hip urban setting as well colorful characters (and, as the title suggest, language), Badass Muthas! is one of the most well-paced webcomics out there. However, sometimes the plot clarity is lost in the languid and vivid action sequences - it’s easy to get some of the just-introduced characters confused when they are instantly plunged into action. However, despite an ever-shifting dramatic cast, Badass Muthas! retains probably the most crazy and compelling webcomic narrative in the race right now. If you don’t mind (or are a fan of) rough language, over-the-top anti-heroes and insane battles, be sure to check Badass Muthas!.


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